the end

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Ok this is kinda sad because i decided to focus on my other book "feel the angst" which is basically a rant book. To know more go check it out!
But before i leave this book forever, i have one last cliche topic to rant on to suit this last chapter thing(gonna be short though). The....


Ok so in many romance or werewolf(particularly werewolf) books there usually is an epilogue. In that epilogue the only four scenerios is either....

1) mc is pregnant
2) she's spending life chasing after her kids
3) mc and main love interest are in the midst of getting married
4) some long ass boring epilouge on mc's house life adventures like...operating a washing machine or moping the floor! How fun and exciting! 

ARE YOU FICKING FOR REAL???? You written mc as such a independent, strong women who goes on cool advnetures and now she's reduced to this obedient housewife??? Wtffffff

Come on, is her life (other than her tragic backstory) really that shitty??? Asffffff

In finallllll conclusion of all my chapters ever... Cliches are cringey pieces of shit that should never exist. How exactly should one stop their existence? By varying in creative ideas for stories! Just because an author wrote one sad backstory for a character doesn't mean y'all should try to be edgy edgelords and copy her!  Sure, the internet is full of angst and "im gonna die!!" or "im so depressed" posts now (their not actually gonna die or depressed) so you might thing being edgy is so "cool" but bruh if you use it to much YOU'LL LOOK IS A DESPERATE CHILDISH SHIT. Get a life.

Anyway, thank you all for reading this cliche of a cliche book and giving it your luvvvv through comments and votes!! I love you all~

Go read my other book as mentioned in the top if you want more rants on random topics!!

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