mc the marysue pt 4

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Ahhh here's another rant about perfect little "imperfect" mc....

1) i-fuck-hot-hunks-mc

I didn't really know what to call this type of mc so have that dumb name but anywayyyyy. Have you ever read a book/watch a show where the hot guy ALWAYS ends up together with the 'ugly'(is probs also a nerd/bullied/sweet/kind/smart etc) mc? Ya well i have. The guy, even though he's a 'player' or some hunk in general always picks ugly dumpy mc over another hot chick. Sure,mc might be a sweet kind girl while hot chick side character is not but have you ever thought of the fact that if hot hunk here was a 'player' or 'bad boy' he wouldn't be dating poor little mc but hot bad chick side character? What makes mc so special?? Her tragic backstory(the answer is yes isnt it?)??
I mean, have you ever thought about the poor ex that the guy dumped to be with mc? You havent.

2) pure mc

Ok this bitch is the WORST. She is always depicted as a kind-sweet-harmless-shy-innocent-pure girl. But nooo she ends up sleeping with a guy she recently met *le hot love interest*
I dont really know how to describe this type of mc but you probably get when i say THIS BITCH IS SO SACCHARINE YOU JUST WANNA SLAP HER.

Any other annoying mc types? Comment!

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