Chapter 35

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I got off the chair quickly, it probably looked like someone poured ice down my back. It was so fast I got a head rush, causing me to sway before I got down on my knee to their level before a squeal echoed in my ear making my ears ring.

Two sets of arms wrapped around me, both familiar and terribly missed. I closed my eyes tightly as I breathed in their intoxicating scents, tears fell from my eyes and a smile creeped on my face.

“Why are you crying?” Rosie asked, her voice filled with concern. I smiled at her, wiping my tears away.

“I’m just happy, Rosie.” I told her looking into her bright eyes.

“Me too.” She smiled.

I turned to Aden and smiled, “You good?” I asked roughing up his hair a bit.

He smiled at me and nodded. I laughed and wrapped my arms around his shoulders crushing him to me. He didn’t pull away like other little boys might have, he knew how fast something like this could be taken away, instead he simply wrapped his arms around my waist.

We pulled away to Rosie’s giggling, we turned around and laughed. Will had Rosie in a bear crushing hug, he was grinning from ear to ear.

An hour later we were allowed to leave. We walked out of the agence holding hands, like a family.


“Here we are.” Will smiled as he parked the car, turning to look at us in the backseat.

Rosie and Aden were hyper and full of life and I loved it. They kept telling us stories through the past few months, Rosie kept telling us how the couple she had been staying with had a dog, Scooter. I smiled and nodded, maybe we could get a dog?

After feeding them, we showed them their room, which they loved.

Rosie was bouncing up and down on her bed and we laughed. I didn’t want to tell her to stop, she was too happy. I looked at Aden who was watching Rosie carefully, making sure she wouldn’t get hurt, I smiled he was protective of her. Will went to take Rosie off the bed as I made my way over to Aden.

“You like it?” I asked him as I saw his face confused and disappointed.

He looked up at me, “Yeah, I guess.” He shrugged.

“If you don’t we could take it back and get different things.” I offered.

He smiled, “Really?”

“Yeah but they’ll have to do for now, it’s late.” He nodded quickly and I smiled, “Do you want to stay in here or with Will?”

“I-uh...” He stuttered looking over at Will and Rosie before looking back at me.

“Its okay, if you want.” I told him.

“Can I stay in here?” He asked hopefully.

I laughed, “Of course.”

He just smiled and laid down.

Soon after the lights were out I lay awake, a smile on my face.

This is perfect.

This is home.

This I hope is not a dream, I thought before I fell into unconsciousness.


  Yah they're reunited! Hopeful its okay because I still don't know about it...:P

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