Chapter 31

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“This is Lola..” Lux told me handing me a red haired doll. “You can be her, and I’ll be... Polly.” she said as her face scrunched up in confusion.

I smiled. Just like Rosie.

We played Lola and Polly for an hour until she began to go extreme and tried to kill off the other dolls.

“Look!” She shouted running across her room, she grabbed a frame and brought it to me. “This is Avery, Jeffrey and me.” she told me while pointing. It  was an adorable picture with Avery and Jeff standing next to each other, smiling like they do. Lux had her arms wrapped around them and she had her dimpled smile.

I swallowed hard as I looked at Jeff, I tried hard not to cry. I just pushed that thought away and I focused my eyes on Avery. My eyes studied every feature of his face. He had the most beautiful smile that made my heart flutter, and that was just through the picture.

God Val, you’re losing it..

“You like it?” She asked cutting off my contact with Avery’s happy expression.

I nodded and smiled, “It’s great.”

“We’re giving it to our mom for her birthday.” She told me excitedly.

“You should put it back so you don’t lose it, okay.” I told her handing it back carefully.

I had a sudden wanting for Avery. I wanted to feel the warmth that always filled the room from his presence. I wanted to see the way his eyes lit up when I saw him, I wanted to be near him because he was there, through everything.


Lux was watching tv in the den so I took the opportunity to find Avery. The wanting feeling never gave up, if anything it only got stronger. I was worried to wander about the house to find him though, with Jeff being here and everything but I finally got up the nerve to at least look for him.

With butterflies in my stomach and a lump in my throat, I carefully made my way up the stairs. I heard loud music coming from down the hall and I smiled, just like before.

I stopped about halfway hearing voices in one of the rooms. The voice send a wave of nervousness and I took off down the hall in sheer panic. I opened the familiar door as the loud banging from the room greeted me, I shut the door quietly not wanting to draw attention to myself. Avery was laying on the bed nodding in time along with the music, his eyes closed and in the perfect position for a surprise.

A smile spread across my face as I neared the bed, my hands out in front of me getting ready to scare him.

I was less than a foot away when his body shot forward and his arms wrapped around me pulling me down. I squealed in surprise as he switched places so he was hovering over me an mischievous smile on his lips.

“You think you can scare me?” He smirked.

I narrowed my eyes in mock annoyance, though I was absolutely enjoy this, “I thought,” I clarified by adding extra emphasis on the thought, “you were distracted.”

He laughed, his eyes shone bright as I looked into them, “‘Im only distracted by you.” He whispered leaning in to me.

My breath caught as I realized what he was doing. My brain was shouting at me to push him away, to leave this place before he could hurt me. But I wanted this, or at least my heart and body did. He leaned in slowly giving me enough time to push him away if I wanted, but I didn’t and he could tell by the crazy heart stopping, mouth watering, smirk on his face.

I felt him closer than ever our bodies pressed up against each other. I smelt his minty breath as his lips carefully grazed mine, my brain went hazy and I was going a little crazy.

“Avery!” A loud knock interrupted before I could successfully kiss him.

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