Chapter 32

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He got off me, his eyes shone with anger. I gave him a sad smile to show him I wasn’t happy about this either.  
He crossed the room quickly and flew open the door, “What?” He snapped at the person on the other side.

“I heard something. Are you okay?” Jeff asked. My heart dropped, his timing had just so happen to make sure that we didn’t kiss.

“Fine, thanks.” He told him a little softer this time. I couldn’t see their faces because Avery was blocking the door so Jeff wouldn’t see me and for that I was thankful. If I saw him I would probably break down crying and that wouldn’t be good at all.

“Alright, mom will be home in an hour so...”

“Got it thanks.” Avery told him shutting the door. He ran to me and jumped on the bed, I giggled as he laid back on top of me. He smiled again and I got caught up in his eyes, they looked happy and full of life. Suddenly a pain began in my sides and I squirmed under his touch.

“S-stop, Avery!” I laughed.

He stopped and placed a hand of over my mouth, he smirked. “Come on, don’t ruin the fun.”

I pushed him away and smiled, “then don’t tickle me.”

I pushed myself forward and my feet lightly touched the carpet as I stood. I was planning on going home, besides my brother would be home soon anyway and I wouldn’t want him to worry. Avery, however, had other plans. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and pull me to his chest. I giggled as a shiver made its way through my body when I felt his warm breath on my neck.

“Where are you going?” His husky voice whispered in my ear. I shivered again and a smile spread across my face.

“Avery,” I said quietly laughing when I felt his lips against my neck. He smiled and let me go. “I’m sorry, my brother will be worried if I don’t get home soon.” I told him.

He nodded, “I understand.” I took my hand in his, “I’ll give you a ride home.”

He poked his head out the door before allowing me into the hall. He really understands how terrified I am to see Jeff, to feel the fresh cut of what he did. I mean I’m still getting of Zac, even though that was different because I trusted him twice, which was stupid. But Avery is slowly helping me along with the whole getting over it and trusting yet another guy in my life.

“All clear,” He whispered as he gripped my hand tightly before dragging me down the hall quietly as possible. We made our way down the stairs before Avery tugged me right next to him placing an arm around my waist. “We made it.”

I smiled up at him and he smiled in return. He leaned in and gently kissed my forehead, I closed my eyes as I felt the soft lips burn my skin, in a good way. He laughed and pulled me along out the door. He twisted the knob, the cold air hit my skin and I shivered.

“Avery are you going somewhere?” An all too familiar voice said from behind us. I stiffened and Avery pulled me closer to him as he turned around.
Surprise, hurt, and regret all flashed onto his face. “Val.. I’m sorry.” I nodded slowly as my eyes filled with tears. “What's going on here?” He asked us but his eyes hardened on Avery.

“We’re just hanging out.” Avery shrugged. I focused on Avery’s steady breathing trying to calm myself like I did before. It did the trick and now I focused my eyes on his face to stop the tears from streaming down my face.

“Stay away from her.” Jeff threatened to Avery.

My eyes snapped to Jeff in an instant and Avery’s heart rate went up next to me causing mine to speed up alongside his. The tears were far from returning as I stared at his face, all that filled me was anger, not for him betraying my trust and going behind my back. No for telling the one guy, thats always been there for me to stay away.

“Don’t.” I snapped at Jeff, he flinched in surprise at the tone in my voice, what did he expect.

“You stay away from her.” Avery told him sharply, I smiled as Avery lead me away and into his car.

He stuck up for me.

He cared.

He proved it.

He’s worth it.

**** The last part is what she thought of Avery....

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