Chapter 2

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“Hey! Are you going to wait up?” I called out because he was already half way down the hallway.

He stopped at the sound of my voice and turned back to me, as I fast walked to him. “do you really need me?” He asked.

“I-I ah...” I stuttered as he glared at me.

“Well?” he asked his voice rising along with his eyebrow.

“I guess not. No.”

“Good.” he said before turning on his heel and strutting down the hallway.

I feel like I made an enemy. I sighed taking out my schedule to find my next class.

I fell face first into the floor, my hands flying up to catch my fall. A shooting pain flew up my right arm. “Ah...ow.” I mumbled flipping over.

“Oh shoot, I'm sorry. Are you okay?” I heard a husky voice ask. I looked up and found brown eyes with matching brown hair. He was well built and very good looking.

“Oh uh, yeah,” I said quickly, pushing myself off the ground. My wrist was shooting pain, my left hand flew to the cup the right wrist tenderly.

“Your wrist, shot I'm sorry, I'll take you to the nurse.” He said leading me away.

“I'm fine, its probably just bruised.”

“Your going to the nurse.” he told me, making it final.

I sighed, and he looked at me from the corner of his eye, “Your new?”

I nodded, “first day.”

“Aw geez now I feel really bad for hurting you.” He told me as we walked into the small room. The office was small and had one cot and a counter full of medical things, the room was painted a light blue, which reminded me of Aden's room in our old house. I sighed again sitting on the cot, holding back tears, what if I never saw them again? What if we never became a real family?

“I'm Jeffery, but you can call me Jeff.” He told me stuffing his hands in his pockets leaning on the small counter.

“Valarie,” I told him.

“Oh cool, can I call you Val? Or Valy?”

“You can call me Valerie.” I told him biting my lip to stop the smile that wanted to appear.

His mouth hung open for a second and then broke into a smile, “How about angel?” I looked at him confused, “because you were sent from heaven.”

I shook my head, “Then I will can you...”

“Stud muffin?” He cut me off. I smiled and blushed a little because he was a total stud.

“I was thinking more of...”

“Sexy God?” He cut me off again. I laughed and nodded slowly, trying to breath. “Good so you're Angel and I'm Sexy God.”

“Mr. Mason?” the nurse, a younger looking lady, with short curly hair walked in, looking at Jeff like he was crazy. “What is going on in here?” she questioned him, not yet looking at me. Mr. Mason? That sounded familiar. But from where?

“Hey, Mrs. Andrews.” he said grinning like crazy, “I may or may not have hurt the new girl, Angel.”

The nurse turned to me, “oh dear, are you alright?” she asked coming over to me. “What did you do?” she asked turning back to Jeff, grabbing my wrist. I winced in pain and she let go, “Sorry dear. Huh?” she asked turning back to him.

“I accidentally ran into her, making her fall.” He told her rolling his eyes.

The nurse sighed turning back to me. “it's just sprained. I'll wrapping it up nice and tight for you, then after school, Jeff will take you to the doctor to get it checked out.” I nodded and looked up at Jeff as the nurse wrapped my wrist, and wrote us a pass, since we both had chemistry.

“You don't have to take me to the doctor, I could get my brother to do it.” I told him on our way back to the class.

He shook his head, “but I want to spend time with you, Angel.”

I blushed as he wrapped his arm around me.


short.. I know, but I hope you like it... Mr. Mason? sound familar?

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