Chapter 39

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I slowly made my way inside, what could I have done to get called to the office? What if something happened with my family? I ran the last few steps to the doors and flew them open. The secretary looked up at me in surprise then she smiled a little, oh no...

“I’ll let them know you’re here.” she told me as she made her way across the room opening a door that read  Counselor. Why would I have to go in there? I don’t understand..

“She’s here.” She told the people inside

“Send her in please.” a feminine voice responded.

Oh no they’re going to have my brain checked on. They’re going to think I’m crazy. I bet the state put them up to this, to see if I’m sane after everything we’ve been through.

I sighed nervously as the secretary called me over. I walked passed her slowly and studied the room, the room was small with no windows, bookshelves surrounded the room. The wood desk sat in the middle with a young female who smiled up at me as her glasses slid down her nose. I smiled back slightly and noticed we weren’t the only ones here.

I froze as i remembered the outline of his head I’d seen when I sat behind him in classes, the way he sat in the chair. When he turned to face me I almost lost it. His blond hair hung low and into his blue eyes that sparkled in the light, he smiled at me and my heartbeat accelerated. His black outfit fit loosely around his lanky figure as he sat forward.

“Miss me?” he smirked.

I blushed, wait what? No I cannot have these feelings for someone who broke my heart. I couldn’t. I laughed shortly giving him a small smile, being friendly in front of the counselor, “Like you wouldn’t imagine.” I told him hoping he got the meaning in my words.  

I mean I did miss him, not the guy who cheated on me and broke my heart twice, not the guy who went out partying every night, and definitely not  the one who got drunk, no I didn’t miss that him. I missed the one who comforted me when my parents were always away for my birthdays, I miss the one who only want to make me cry by laughing too hard. As much as I missed him I knew he wouldn’t come back.

We used to be close, friends, best friends I’d say and he had to ruin it all with one, no two, stupid mistakes. I wish we never started dating I wish we could still be best friends, I missed him so much.

He shifted in his seat and smiled over at me. “Alrighty then,” the counselor broke in quickly, “Zac is new and has requested you for a tour.”

“What?” I asked confused, “You’re going here now?” My heart sped up and I covered my face with my hand to hid my blush. Stupid feelings.

He laughed, god I missed him, “Yeah that's kinda why I’m here.”

“Right, So will that be a problem? No. great, Let him follow you for the rest of today and tomorrow till I work out his schedule.” She rushed out as she typed before I could even answer. “Good-bye.”

“Okay then.” I muttered as I got up and felt Zac follow behind me.

Once we were out of the office and down the hall I turned on him, “What are you doing here? I thought my brother made it clear you were never to come near me again.” I hissed.

“Relax, Val okay I didn’t have a choice.” He told me placing his hands on my shoulders trying to calm me.

“Don’t touch me.” I told him shrugging his hands off. If I was being honest his touch made me happy I didn’t realize I missed him this much, as I friend nothing else.

“what do you mean you didn’t have a choice?”

“My parents got transfered, I didn’t even know you went here till I saw you at lunch.”

“Y-you saw me?” I stuttered nervously.

“Yeah you stick out like a sore thumb.” he laughed.

I swatted his arm but smiled, “do not.”

“Yeah you do.” he smirked and shrugged, “But maybe it was just because you were the only familiar face I knew. After all we used to be best friends.”

“Yeah we were.” I nodded slowly.


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