Chapter 34

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Almost time, I nearly screamed from excitement. I threw my hands up and spun in a circle while dancing to the tune in my head. I was well aware of the stares that people were giving me, but I had to take my mind off the nerves I was feeling.

“Hey, you know you look crazy right?” A voice said behind me.

I whirled around with a bright smile on my face, I flung my arms around his neck causing him to laugh. “I don’t care Avery, just a few more minutes and then I will see them.”I sang into his chest.

“You’re crazy, you know that right?” He smirked as I pulled away to study his face.

“Crazy excited!” I exclaimed.

He laughed and leaned close to my ear, I could feel his smirk as he whispered,

“You’re also crazy cute.”

I blush, he thought I was cute. ME! Cute! God, could this day get any better? A honk made us jump apart and I felt him take his hands off my waist. I looked at the car and sure enough it was Will. I waved to him and turned to Avery, who was rubbing the back of his head with a nervous smile.

“Good luck.” He told me.

“Thanks, uh I’ll see you later.” I told him quickly before running to Will’s car.

I opened the door but turned back to smile at Avery, he smiled back and waved shoving his hand into his pockets.


“Who were you with?” Will asked for the hundredth time while in the waiting room.

I sighed rolling my eyes, “A guy.”

“Your boyfriend.” He said not like a question, more like confirming it.

I shook my head, to be honest I wasn’t sure what we were, no need to exaggerate if we weren’t even together. How embarrassing.  “We’re friends.” That much was for sure.

“Oh.” He said in a weird voice that I instantly turned to look at him. He was looking ahead, thinking.

“What?” I asked him, why was he acting like this?

“Nothing, I mean it's great you're making friends and he obviously makes you happy.” He stated, then laughed, “I just guys looked pretty close when I pulled up.

I blushed, oh no... “we were just talking.” I smiled slightly at the memory.

“I think its good, if you have a boyfriend, unless he’s anything like Zac.” He face grew dark at the mention of his name.

“He’s not.” i quickly soothed him and he smirked.

“Mr. Johnson?” A voice echoed through the room. We both looked up and met an older looking lady, she looked familiar. “Come on back.”

Will grabbed my hand tightly as the lady led us down a hall. She went into a room and we followed. I released the breath I was holding when I noticed it was empty.

“Are you ready?” she asked us. I let out a shaky laugh and nodded. She smiled,

“Good. Alright fill out these, and I’ll be right back.” she handed Will a stack of papers and left.

“You have to fill out all of those?” I asked with wide eyes, the stack of papers was huge.

“I’ve done it before, with you.” he added as he saw the confusion on my face.

“Right...” I nodded slowly letting this all sink in.

I was humming, when the door opened, my head snapped up and my eyes went wide.


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