Chapter 25

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Monday came faster then ever. I decided to give Jeff space to work out his issues and decided to stay clear of Avery. I made a fool of myself on Friday, given I wasn't really thinking straight with everything that happened but still. If Avery didn't want me I was perfectly happy with Jeff, but he seemed so angry with me, I wasn't sure the feeling was mutual.

I walked to school at a slow pace and barley made it to school before the first bell. I sighed as I opened my locker, a paper fluttered to the floor and I picked it up. Didn't mean to scare you off, the note read and I looked around studiedly thinking the person would have actually stuck around. I didn't even know who it was from.

I decided it was probably a mistake and it wasn't even meant for me. I walked into English and went to my chair in the back. The class was shortly dismissed to continue our projects.

“The party on Friday was amazing as always Ryder.” Molly told him when we were in our groups.

“Awe shucks you're making me blush.” He replied in an accent. “thanks Moll, it means a lot.” he smiled at her. They stared at each other, completely mesmerized with themselves.
Avery coughed and they jumped, Ryder shot him a glare and Molly blush nervously, typing away on her computer. Avery looked at him innocently and Ryder shoved him. I laughed while Trisha was examining her nails.

“Guys seriously the project.” I tried to break up the shoving fight.

“Isn't someone an overachiever.” Avery smirked at me.

“ha ha very funny, but seriously.”

“It's almost done Val, relax.” Avery told me, smirking, he putting his hands behind his head and leaning back. I narrowed my eyes at him and he held up his hands in surrender, “Okay, okay lets do this.”

“You're so whipped.” Ryder told him.

“Shut up.” Avery glared shoving him, which started a another shoving fight.

“Guys.” I snapped my fingers at them. They both turned to me with smirks on their faces.

“Lets get her done.” Ryder winked at me.
“Lets get it on.” Avery said opening a book sitting on his desk, we weren't even using it. I smiled and he closed the book, “I can't do this.” He shook his head.

“That's because your stuuupid.” Ryder sang at him. I rolled my eyes at them but smiled. I helped Molly research and getting most of the poster done, while Avery, Ryder and Trisha did what ever.


“Hey.” I said sitting next to Jeff, I saw him stiffen. I sighed I must have really done something to piss him off so much.
“Hey.” he said quietly.

“Jeff?” I asked, his head snapped up so his eyes met mine. “what's wrong? Did I...”

“No. Val, you didn't do anything, promise.” He told me his eyes pleading with me.

“Then what? I mean you were pretty angry on Friday, and I didn't see you all weekend...I must have done something.”

“Angel.” he shook his head, “I was upset on Friday, yes but it wasn't because of you. I really wanted to see you this weekend, but I... got caught up with something.” He told me.

A shadow was above us blocking the sun, “Jeff.” Avery said in a cold voice.

Jeff stiffened again and looked up nervous, worried, and guilty. “Avery don't...” He whispered.

Avery glared at him and looked at me, he looked worried too but about me.

“What?” I asked.

“Val...” Avery started looking down at me with concern.

“No.” Jeff told him standing up.

“She needs to know that you-” Avery began again.

“Lets go.” Jeff told me pulling me away roughly before I could hear the rest of what Avery was going to say.


Drama, Drama, Drama... I LOVE it, so much more to come!! !:)

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