Chapter 11

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He walked over with his arm around the same girl, a small smile playing on his lips when he looked at me. I rolled my eyes.

“So,” the girl next to me said, “I'm Molly, that's Ryder.” She pointed to the guy next to her. “Avery and Trisha.” she told me. I smiled and nodded to show I got it.

“Valarie.” I told them.

Avery smiled and I looked away. “I'll go tell him who's in our group then, Ry?” Avery asked.

Ryder stood up and followed Avery to the front.
Trisha watched as they left, Molly turned to me, “How do you like it here so far.”

“Fine, everyone's really nice.” except a certain someone.

She smiled, “Yeah that's probably the only thing, this school has going for it.”

I laughed and Trisha looked over at us annoyed. “Why are we even in the same group.”

“Because Avery and Ryder are friends.” Molly told her.

“And why is Ryder friends with you?”

I stared at her, I want to defend Molly, she seemed really nice and maybe we would become friends. I didn't know what to say though.

She shrugged, her face heating up. Trisha stood up going up to the front. “I'm sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything, that witch did.”

“Exactly, I should have at least told her off.”

She smiled, “Thanks for the thought, but I can handle it.”
“You sure?” I asked worriedly.

She nodded, “besides you shouldn't get on her bad side. Especial after Avery dumps her for you.” She smirked at the end.

“Excuse me?” I asked wide-eyed.

“Come on, he likes you. He smiles when ever he looks at you, and his eyes go all glossy.” She laughed a little.

I shook my head as Avery, Ryder and Trisha took their seats again.

After forty minutes of arguing about what to do our project on and me avoiding Avery, the bell finally rang.

I stood up slowly and Avery was suddenly standing in front of me.

“We need to talk.” He said flatly.

I shook my head, “Avery, I told you..”

“No. You don't understand.” he cut me off, “Val please let me explain.”

I bit my lip and turned my head, Jeff was glaring at Avery and I smiled. “I have to go.”

He grabbed my arm holding me back, “Please, this is all a misunderstanding.”

“What are you doing?” Jeff cut in grabbing my other arm, oh no.

“Leave us alone, were talking.”

“Come on Angel.” Jeff pulled roughly and I was ripped for Avery's grip.

Avery was staring at me with wide eyes. I looked at Jeff, “thanks.”

He smiled down at me pulling me in for a hug, “You're very welcome.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Will?!” I called out as the door shut. He walked into the living room with bags in hand, “food!” I screamed when he held up the take out.

He smiled, “You act like I don't feed you.”

“Just pasta.” I told him as I ran to him, I reached for a bag but he held them above my head, “Will! I'm hungry.”

He laughed, “And I'm bored.”

I reached again jumping, my fingers curled around the thin bag and I pulled. “Ha ha. I won.” I told him sitting down.

He laughed sitting across from me with his bag. As I began to devour my burger, the phone rang. Will and I stared at each other as we both took a bit, he sighed and went to pick up the phone, I smiled and took another bite.

“This is him.” Will said into the phone. “Yes.” He looked over at me with pleading eyes. Something wasn't right. “Tomorrow’s fine.” he held my eyes, “See you then.” and hung up.

“Who was it?” I asked quickly.

“Valarie, the social workers coming tomorrow.”

I stared at him, and a smile came to my face. “Well that's good, isn't it? You still have the bank account with the money to buy, Aden and Rosie things right?”

He shook his head and my heart broke and the smile whipped off my face.


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