Chapter 18

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I ran home mostly because I didn't want to face Jeff. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what to do. Avery looked at me with so much hate, I hated myself for ruining everything. I slammed my bedroom door, locking it. I cried and fell onto my bed. This is the worst day ever...

Avery's POV

Five..four..three..two...finally. I smiled packing up my books, I was literally going crazy, I mean I was counting down the seconds to see her. I practically ran down the hall till I saw her turned away from me. I watched as she took book out rearranging them within her locker. Her blond curly hair flowed down the middle of her back and moved as she debated on were to place her books.

“Hey.” I said behind her, smiling as she dropped the book she was holding. I laughed when she blushed and I bent down to pick it up. I handed her the book, expecting her to look at me with her crystal blue eyes but she didn't.

“Thanks.” She said barley more than a whisper.

I was confused, she turned back around and began placing the books back inside the locker. I didn't understand why she was avoiding me. I must have been the dumb a$s I am and hurt her but I couldn't remember. I pulled the locker down flat so I could see her face. Her face was red and her eyes were shinning, they were perfect. “why won't you look at me? Did I do something wrong?” She glanced at me under her lashes and my stomach knotted. Get it together, man you're turning into such a girl.

“No.” She shook her head, “Avery...”
“Then what?” why was she acting like this?

“Hey. What's going on?” Jeff asked wrapping his arms around her waist. She closed her eyes as I looked at the two. She looked at me and I glared at her. It wasn't me, it was her.

“Avery...” She whispered she tried stepping closer to me but couldn't because her beloved Jeff held her back.

I shook my head at her I gave a hard chuckle running my hand through my hair. I didn't do anything to her. Damn she just played me! I fell right into her trap, I cared about her. I felt my hands shaking with anger as I pushed my way down the hall. She didn't like me, she likes my perfect brother. Everybody did, why shouldn't she too?

“Avery, please let me explain.” She cried tugging on my arm, trying to stop me. Tears were going down her perfect face, I felt bad at first but she put herself in this position. “Please.”
I shrugged her hand off, “What is there to explain? Your with my freaking brother! That's great you know, real great, I hope you two are very happy together.” I told her trying to mean it but it wasn't right and I tried pushing away my feelings.

“I didn't...”

“Leave it alone. I helped you, remember our deal? You were suppose to give me another chance.” I told her trying not to scream, people were starting to stare. We were right by my car so I could make a quick get away. “You know what deals off.”

“W-what?” She stuttered the tears still streamed down her face, she whipped them away quickly. “Avery please-”

“No. Pay me back by the end of the week.” I hissed before climbing in my car. I backed up and she jumped out the way. I didn't mean to try to hit her. I still cared, I just can't believe my brother of coarse he gets what ever he wants, why not her too? I should have gave up right when he decided he wanted her. Now I'm attached.

I opened the glove compartment and pulled out a box. I flipped it open and stared at the beautiful turtle necklace the old man at the boardwalk told me she kept looking at it. I smiled as I imagined the look on her face when I give it to her.

I doesn't matter anymore, she'll never like me...

I closed the box and stuffed it in my pocket. I walked into my house and went to my room. I put the necklace into a bigger box, tapping it up and placed it into the car.

I placed it at the door, knocked hard three times and ran to my car. Ducking in the seat I watched as the door opened and a guy came out staring at the box he looked around picking it up and took it inside.

I sighed as I puled into a parking lot. I leaned my head on the steering wheel waiting. A knock on the window made me jerk up and I saw sky's familiar face.

“hey man, here you go. Throwing a party tonight?” He asked handing me three packs of beer.

“Nah man. Its for my old man.” I lied.

He chuckled, “I'll see you later then. Duces.”

I made it to my room without being noticed. I opened the first can, raised it into the air, “Never again..” I muttered and chugged it, crushing it with my foot and opened another one.

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