Chapter 27

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Four. Thats how many days till I can see Aden and Rosie. Four days till I can feel them in my arms. Those same four days is all I have left with the emptiness I was feeling at the moment. They could always make me feel better, the second time Zac cheated on me we cuddled for days just watching movies, the four of us, they all cracked jokes about them making me feel instantly better.

I smiled at the memory and snuggled into my blankets. I loud thump on the door made me jump.

“Valarie Margaret Johnson, if you are not out of that bed in two minutes, I will believe me because I will throw cold water on your a$s.”

I sighed loudly, pushing off the blankets and getting up. I threw open the door and standing there with a smirk on his face was Will, he looked like the picture of ease, hands in his pockets leaning on the wall across the hall. “what?” I growled

“Good you’re up. Are you going to school like that?” he asked raising his eyebrow at me.

I looked down at my outfit, I was wearing baggy green pants with a yellow spongebob t-shirt. “God you’re annoying.” I muttered and he laughed, “I don’t feel like going today.” I whinnied

“Come on Val, only four more days, then you can stay home with them while I get them enrolled into school. Deal?” He pleaded.

I wanted so desperately to tell Will the real reason why I wanted to stay home but I couldn’t not today, or ever since he is not only my brother now but my legal guardian and he was way stressed. I shrugged, it didn’t seem that bad. “Fine.” I told him quietly shutting my door.

“Great be ready in ten, kay?”


Slowly the day passed and it was finally lunch. I sighed sitting down next to Ryder and across from Molly.

“Someone looks stressed.” Ryder commented, Molly shot him a glare and I nodded.

“Yeah, a little.”

“So this weekend my parents are once again leaving the beloved house under my care, which could only mean one thing.... a party.” He paused for dramatic effect. “you in?”

“This weekend?” I asked poking my salad with my fork avoiding eye contact with everyone.

“Yeah.” he nodded.

“I can’t.” I told him pushing away my leafy greens, “I already have plans.”

“Really, with...?” He smirked.

I shook my head, “Umm....”

“Is it Jeff? Jeez do you guys hang out all the time? He wouldn’t hang out with me yesterday because he was ‘busy’ with you.” he wagged his eyebrow suggestively. I blushed and held my tears in.

“Oh. My. God. Ryder you’re an idiot!” Molly screamed at him.

“What?” He asked confused.

“I, uh, got to go. I’ll see you guys later, alright.” I told them getting up as fast as I could before the tears began to fall. It hurt like hell to be reminded of the fact that I was just somebody to cheat on, that I was not good enough for anyone, that they would always would want more.

“Whoa, there.” A familiar husky voice whispered in my ear pulling my out of the way of an oncoming car. My heart fluttered and my stomach turned as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Hey?” He pulled me away looking into my eyes, “What’s wrong?”

I shook my head and snuggled into his chest letting his smell calm me. “It’s okay, you're fine now.”  Avery soothed me.

I need my brothers and sister now, before I start to depend too much on Avery, and from the way he calmed me I wasn’t entirely sure it already hasn’t happened....


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