Chapter 5

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The sun shone threw the window, showing the dust in the air around me as I woke up. I looked around quickly looking for any sign of Will.

I walked into the kitchen, “Will!” I screamed at him. He turned around and I gasped. He had a huge gash on his head, a black eye, and some bruises here and there.

“Val? You're suppose to be at school.”

“I couldn't sleep last night, you didn't come home. What happened to you?” I asked as he quickly grabbed his keys.

“I'll drive you.” He pushed me gently out the door and lead me outside to his car.

“Will, what happened?” I asked crossing my arms, waiting just outside the passengers side door.

“Valarie, please.” He pleaded with his eyes, “You need to get to school.”

I sighed, I would figure out what happened to him, if not now, than later. But why wouldn't he tell me?

We drove to school with just the radio on. “Bye.” I told him, as I opened my door one leg firmly on the ground when he tugged on my arm.

“Val its nothing you have to worry about, please let it go.”

I smiled, “I get it, you want to protect me. But maybe I could help?”

“You want to help?” I nodded. “Go to school.”

I shook my head, “Will..” He sighed heavily and I took the hint. “See you. You will be home tonight, right?”

He smiled slightly, shaking his head, “I'll be home.”

“Good.” I jumped out of the car and ran into the school, I was way late. I grabbed my English book quickly and rushed into the class room.

Mr. Erickson wasn't in there, so I rushed to my seat. I felt every eye in the room on me, when Mr. Erickson walked in and coughed to get everyone's attention. Everyone turned to him and I sighed with relief. I looked up and found Avery staring at me with curious eyes.

I quickly looked away and tried paying attention to the teacher but ended up thinking different scenarios why Will wouldn't tell me what happened to him.

I thought, at first, maybe he fell or ran into something but why would he hide that? Then I thought maybe he got mugged on his way home and he didn't want to scare me. Possible.

I sighed, and realized the classroom was becoming less populated. I packed my stuff up and quickly continued my day.

* * *

I was walking home again when the same black car pulled up next to me. A smile broke on my face as I turned around to face it. Through the windows I saw him motion me to join him. I hopped into the car with a smile plastered on my face.

“Hey.” I said causally.

“Why were you late today?” He asked peering at me curiously.

“It was no big deal.” I waved it away.

“Come on, you can tell me.” He pushed.

“I could.” I nodded thoughtfully as he narrowed his eyes at me, “I over slept, there is that what you wanted to hear?”

He shrugged, “Yeah I guess.”


“Val, your apartment is just in a bad neighbor hood that's all.”

“Bad? Like how?” I asked venom dripping from each word.

“Only scum live in places like that. People that can't find jobs, who smoke and are alcoholics. People who live off welfare, because they can't support their families, because they're screw ups.” He told me calmly.

I clenched my fist from slapping him. “You don't know that.” I shook my head.

He turned to me with a sharp chuckle, “I do. My dad's one of them. Luckily my mom left him and made something of herself. They're all the same. Low life's who feed off all the rest of us.”

“Well then I guess I'm one of those.” I sneered at him jumping out of his car slamming his door as I stomped away.

How could he think that? Did he think that I wanted to live there with my brother, who was just starting out, who could barley afford food for us, but was trying his best to adopt my brother and sister who I hadn't seen in months. He had no idea what I or anyone in that apartment has been through, so why was he judging?

He's a hypocrite and I hate him.

I was a block away from home when I heard footsteps behind me. I looked over my shoulder to find three huge guys with tattoos and huge muscles. My heart shuddered as I picked up my pace. I looked ahead of me and heading towards me was two more guys, they same kind of guys. They must have been in a gang, because I noticed they all had similar tattoos.

My heart completely stopped when I heard the a guy behind me say, “Valarie Johnson.”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

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