Chapter 7

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I fell asleep shortly after I was done eating the pasta that Will had made. I didn't tell Will what happened on my way home. I didn't want him to worry, or be freaked out and never leave me alone again.

In the morning, I was doing my hair when I noticed on my face I had scrape marks, from the cement. I checked my hands, and sure enough there was scrape marks there as well. I sighed they didn't hurt but they looked worse. I covered the ones on my face easily with cover up.

I locked up the apartment and walked down to the front when I noticed a familiar black car. I stopped walking and stared at the guy who was leaning causally against it, his hands in his pockets.

He smiled when he saw the surprised expression on my face.

“What are you doing?” I asked making my way over to him.

“Isn't it obvious, I came to take you to school.”

I rolled my eyes, “I can see that Einstein. I want to know why.”

He shrugged. “I thought you could use a ride.”

I stared at him a long moment before sighing. He jumped up off the car opening the door for me. I hopped into the car, smiling slightly despite myself. “I'm glad you accepted because I was taking you to school no matter what.” He told me as he drove away.

“So if I said would have kidnapped me?” I questioned with a smirk on my face.

He laughed, “Worse. I actually would have took you to school.”

“What do you mean?” I asked as we passed the turn to the school. “Avery, I have to go to school!” I shouted.

He laughed, “Are you one of those?” He asked raising his eyebrow, as he kept going away from the school.

“Avery.” I shook my head.

“Don't worry we won't get caught.” He tried reassuring me. He had no clue, if we did get caught, I would ruin everything. He reached over to grab my hand and I held it tightly.

I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't risk it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I started to calm down when he drove out of the city. We wouldn't be caught way out here would we?

He was singing along with the radio, I smiled and began to sing with him.

He turned his head to look at me and grinned. “Glad your coming to terms with the whole skipping thing.”

I nodded, “As long as we don't get caught.” I shot him a look and he just laughed.

“We won't. Just relax.”

The rest of the car ride consisted of us sing along with the radio with little taking, and I held his hand on my lap, stroking circles into it, which calmed me as well as him.

He pulled into a parking space, shutting off the car he turned to me. “Ready?”

“Where are we?”

“Come on.” He smiled shaking his head, as he let go of my hand.

My hand felt cold with out his and I quickly got out of the car, meeting him by the back of the car and took his hand. He smiled down at me.

I looked ahead, “The boardwalk?”

“Yeah. Sounds like fun right?”

I nodded laughing. He pulled me along as we walked down the strip looking at all the shops.

We stopped at a shirt store and he bought a new hat. He offered to buy me a shirt but I refused. I didn't want him to buy me anything, believe it or not I was still pissed at him, both for yesterdays car incident and the fact I was with him risking the future of my family.

“Come on, I'll hold your hand. It won't even be that bad.” He pleaded with me. I looked up at the spiny death trap that just so happened to be Avery's favorite ride here.

I sighed, “Promise you won't let me fall to my death and die?”

“Promise.” He smiled and pulled me into the line.

The guy ushered us on to a red basket, It wobbled and I squealed while Avery wrapped his arms around me. I held his arm that was around my waist and tried to even my breathing.
“I hate you. I hate you. I HATE YOUUU!” I squealed as we began to go up. I shut my eyes and I felt him chuckle. He placed his mouth on my neck, his warm breath helped calmed me and I concentrated on his breathing and slowly opened my eyes.

I looked over the edge and the view was breath taking. The ocean went on forever with a million different blues mixed in. “Its beautiful.” I whispered.

He laughed, “So are you.”

I blushed shaking my head. “Your so cheesy.”

“Is that bad?”

“Lucky for you I like cheesy.” I felt him smile.

I was starting to actually enjoy the spiny death trap, whether it was the view, or the fact I was wrapped in Avery's arms, I don't know. But I was leaning towards the latter.

We got off and he bought us lunch, we had the most amazing pizza ever. We laughed at everything we did, say, or even saw. You know things are getting extreme when your stomach starts to hurt.

After lunch we went around the shops for a while.

I was looking at the cart that sells the really pretty jewelry while Avery was in the bathroom. I sighed as I looked at the price on the matching necklace and earring, $150. No way could I afford that.

“Ready?” Avery asked.

I looked up, “Oh. yeah, lets go.” I walked next to him.

“Wait, did you want something from here?” He questioned searching the cart quickly, he looked up at the old man, who gave him a crinkly smile.

I shook my head, “No. Come on or we'll get caught.” I said pulling on his hand.

“You go ahead, I uh need to get something for the road.” He told me walking down the strip to the food tables.

I looked at the necklace again, it had a turquoise turtle charm hanging on its golden chain. The earrings were of turtles. I loved turtles because when I was younger, my parents took me to the aquarium and I fell in love with them. For my birthday that year they bought me a really turtle, Frank. I loved him with all my heart but I went on a month vacation with my mother to Spain and when I came back Frank was no more.

I walked back to the car, and sat in there as I watched teenagers getting out of there cars, just getting off of school.

Avery hopped in with a bunch of food. “Just in case.” He shrugged as I stared at him.

I laughed, “Right.”

This was honestly the best day I've ever had I thought as we pulled out of the lot and headed home.

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