Chapter 6

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The guys heading towards me stopped with smiles on their face. Someone grabbed my hand and held it tight as I fell into his chest. “Don't scream and we won't hurt you.” The husky voice whispered into my ear. I got shivers and goosebumps, I felt disgusted for touching him.

They other guys closed in around us and were circling. I wanted to scream so bad, but nobody was here and it wouldn't be worth it to scream to nobody.

“This one's for your brother.” the guy said before pushing me on the ground. I caught myself but I ended up scrapping my knees and hands. Something collided with my face and it stung. I let out a little yelp. This seemed to anger the guys more, “I thought I told you not to scream!” He shouted.

With a hard shove I fell to the ground, my face met the cement and I could feel the blood on my face. My eyes got heavy, and I knew that I was going to get hurt worse. I closed them to save myself from feeling the pain.

I heard the shriek of a car and about a dozen shoes slapping the cement, getting fainter as one got closer. “Valarie?” Avery's voice yelled, “Come on.” I felt his arms wrap around me as I groaned, I was sore everywhere.

“Is she going to be alright?” Jeff asked concern filled his voice.

“She'll be fine, lets clean her up at home.”

I didn't hear a response because I drifted into darkness, while wrapped in warm and protecting arms.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“She's awake!” A little shriek yelled close to my ear, I cringed. “Avery! Jeff! She's awake!”

I looked to the right and staring up at me was a little girl, three or four, she had dark brown hair that touched her chin, with warm golden eyes, and a dimply smile. “I'm Lux,” She told me as Avery ran into the room with Jeff hot on his heels. I smiled up at the them.

“Thanks for saving me but I should get home, I don't want to worry my brother.”

Jeff looked at me scared and confused. “What were you doing in that part of town?”

I shrugged. “I was...I li-”

“It doesn't matter. Come on I'll take you home.” Avery piped in. I looked at him, and smiled.

“Sure. See yeah Lux, it was nice meeting you.”

“You're very pretty. What's your name?” she asked.


“Why don't you stay? I have dolls, we could...”

“Lux.” Avery cut her off shooting her a warning glance.

I laughed, “Don't worry, when I come back I'll play dolls with you,”

Her face lit up, “Promise?”

“I pinky-promise.” I held out my pinky for her and she locked it with hers.

Her eyes shown bright, she reminded me of my sister. Rosie and I would always play dolls and barbies, and little games she made up with the tons of toys she was gifted with.

I got up and face Avery, he was just staring at me shocked, “Come on I want to get home before tomorrow.”

“I'll take you?” Jeff pipped in. I turned and smiled at him.

“No. You can' don't have your car, remember it's getting fixed.” Avery said quickly taking my hand.

“I can use your car,” Jeff shrugged taking my other hand.

“Uh..guys?” I questioned but they didn't hear me.

“No one uses my car but me.”

“Not true, you let Steven drive it just last week.”

“Please.” I whispered as they were pulling harder on my arms so the were spread out super far apart.

A scream made them stop and flip around, both letting go of my hands.

I sighed in contentment and Lux flashed me a smile. “I'll walk you to the car,”

“You are too sweet.” I shook my head, “and thanks back there.” I told her as she led me through the house.

The house was huge and was neat and bright, mostly white. Lux looked up at me and smiled, “They like you.”

I blushed, and shook my head. “No they don't.” I wasn't even sure we were friends. I still hated Avery, even though he saved me, because of the things he said in the car. Jeff didn't talk to me all day,and I don't even know why.

“I think they do.” She said opening the big glass front door. I looked at it in amazement.

I heard running and looked up to see Avery, he ran passed me managing to grab my hand in the process and a giggle escaped my lips, despite the hatred I had for this guy, who just so happened to be holding my hand.

I quickly got in and he did the same, starting the car and began backing out within a matter of seconds.

I looked up to see Jeff running out the front door waving his hands around for him to stop but Avery being Avery he sped up without another glance at his brother.

“I win.” He said as a grin spread across his face. His honey eyes, shown with joy, happiness and excitement.

I found myself smiling at the happiness he felt.

But Avery Mason you got another thing coming if you think you can win me so easily.

This is going to be fun I sighed.

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