mild sauce

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" i will tip you 300 dollars if you go find me a packet of mild sauce that's blank and a doritos locos tacos."

josh was at a taco bell ordering counter.

"u-um okay" the scared looking employee ran to the back and all eyes in the room turned towards the buff man with yellow hair like he had three heads.

the small employee came running back with the odd request. josh didn't even take time to count out the money as he slammed way to many 100 dollar bills on the taco bell counter and ran off.

his heart was beating faster then ever. his hands were clutching the drivers wheel hard enough for his knuckles to turn white, and his breathing was out of control.

"ty! i'm home!" tyler came running down the steps of their two floor home, immediately grabbing the taco bell bag and running off to the couch.

"uh excuse me sir but i think you're forgetting a little something." josh said, walking over to the huge couch with authority.

"oh yeah! did you get the mild sauce?" oh it's happening.

that's not what josh meant. he actually wanted slight acknowledgement that he was actually there, but of course the younger of the two had to get smart.

josh shakily took out the hot sauce packet from his basketball shorts and handed it over to his tiny boyfriend as he said criss cross applesauce with his taco oh his lap as he was about to open the packet.

barely even thinking twice tyler looked at the words written on the sauce, then to josh, then back to the packet. too many times to count.

josh's palms were sweating as he slowly went down on his knee, the hot sauce packet that read "marry me?" in josh's curly hand writing was now dropped to the ground with nimble fingers.

josh gave a toothy grin and pulled out a box with a massive diamond inside that could probably knock someone out.

"i love you can't even express how i feel about you, sugar, so would you do me a favor and stay with me for while to help me figure it out?"

for a second josh thought he was definitely going to say no and shove the taco meat in his face, until tyler pulled out something orange from his pocket.

"i was saving this in my pocket because i knew that you're terrible at asking questions and this is probably how it was going to happen"

he stuck out his hand and there it was. a taco bell mild packet that read "yes" in tylers beautiful handwriting.

joshua was smiling ear to ear as he pulled his now fiancé to him, not forgetting to take the taco out so he wouldn't squish it.

after a few seconds of kisses and comfy silence, ty broke the ice.

"what the fuck just happened."


i thought of this in a taco bell drive through.


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