anyone who knew

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anyone who knew josh like tyler did would know he was nothing like this.

he hated red roses. he called them cliché and gross, so on our every anniversary the younger boy would give him white ones.

so why did he see his body clutching those things he hated in his lifeless fingers as he laid there?

joshua also hated having his hair gelled back because he said when he had his hair messed up over his face it looked more rebellious.

so why did tyler see his body with slicked backed, bright yellow hair as he laid there?

one of the things josh hated the most was suits. he hated how itchy they were and how formal he looked, so he always just wore a collared shirt and nice pants.

so why was there a suit clung to his lifeless body as he laid in his casket?

the people who dressed him up and put make up on him ,just so they could put him 6 feet under, knew nothing about him.

tyler stared at his lifeless husbands body while tears dared to spill out of the brims of his eyes.

joshua hated all of this and tyler didn't try to stop them from doing it.

"tyler, wake up"

wat why is her talking?is he back? is he here?

a rush of joy came to his mind when he felt strong hands on his face.

"tyler, baby, wake up." and then his eyes opened.

josh wasn't dead. he was staring at tyler wide concerned eyes with his hands on either side of his face. their legs were wrapped together in their shared bed and there was sweat all over tylers forehead and back.

neither of them cared about the sweat as tyler pulled him down into a strong embrace as he kissed along his head.

"what's wrong? why were you shaking in your sleep i was terrified?" josh's yellow tuffs of hair were now buried in the space between tylers head and shoulder and his voice was muffled.

"i had a dream that you died and they dressed you up in all kinds of things that you hated" tylers voice was very groggy and raspy since it was the first time he has spoken since waking up.

josh chuckled and sat up with tyler in his lap, stroking his hair trying to calm him down a bit.

"it's okay i'm not going anywhere."

the younger of the two grabbed his husbands hands just to feel him more. he roamed them up his bare chest and ran his fingers through his bright yellow hair to get a sense of him.

"it felt so real" and he's not lying. everything felt so real. he felt so much hatred for the people who dressed him up and for the red roses on his chest.

" ty, i'm here and i'm alive, okay?" a reassuring hand was now at his waist rubbing circles in his waist trying to bring him back to reality.


with one kiss tyler felt a lot better. let's just say they did as much as they could to get closer to each other that morning.



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