Valentines day

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I know it's not Valentine's Day anymore don't kill me


"I would like to start off by saying happy Valentine's Day to everyone" The English teacher said as he walked in.

Ugh, Tyler thought, this isn't even a holiday, it's just a sad day for single people and an excuse for people to brag about their horrible relationships.

"But," the teacher added "we will be having a new student teacher coming in today. He aspires to be an English teacher and needs some practice so was offered this job. Everyone, treat him with respect." The older teacher said sternly, shooting all 25 kids with a daring glare.

Said teacher walked into the classroom, and oh did he catch Tyler's attention.

He was wearing an old, faded blue button up shirt, that was rolled and cuffed just under his elbows. There was a colorful sleeve tattoo covering his strong arm, and gauges that looked perfect on his ears. His hair was a faded light blue color, and Tyler couldn't help but stare.

"Hi everyone, I'm mr. Dun. " he raised a hand to the young adults in the classroom, stopping as his mocha colored eyes set on those of Tyler Joseph's.

His thoughts were interrupted by the older English teacher, directing him towards a uncomfortable looking wooden stool in the middle of the new classroom.

"You all can ask mr. Dun appropriate questions for the rest of class while I grade work" he once again shot a daring glare to everyone as he emphasized the word appropriate.

As time went on, Tyler wasn't really paying attention to the questions the blue haired man was receiving, but more on the way his lips moved as he gave the answers

He continued to watch in awe at mr.dun, until he became very curious on just how old the older man was.

So, Tyler raised his boney arm in the air, and bit his lip just hoping that he would call on the brown haired boy.

"Uh-yes. What's your name?" Mr. Dun asked, pointing his finger to said boy.

"T-Tyler" he stated. It took all of the blue haired mans strength for him to not come up with a cheesy pick up line about the pretty boys name on the spot.

"How old are you?" He asked, cocking his head slightly to the side which mr. Dun thought wow, this boy could not get anymore attractive.

"I'm 22, fresh out of college" he gave a cheeky smile to the younger boy, finding it hard to trail his eyes away from him to answer another question.

"Alright kids that's the end of this lesson, if you could even call it that," their English teacher began, "have a great Valentine's Day and don't do anything stupid." Everyone (except Tyler) hastily stood up to that and rushed out the door, while said boy took his time to gaze over mr. Dun and take in all of his features before he was almost out of the door.

"Tyler, was it?" The blue haired teacher asked, which made Tyler turn around on his heel in curiosity.

The shorter of the two gave a quick nod.

"How old are you?"

"18, why?" He was beyond curious by now.

"Well since then," he trailed off, looking behind him to make sure the English teacher wasn't looking,

"Call me, you infatuate me, Tyler" he slipped a small paper into the soft hands of Tyler, and closed his hand around it before walking away.

Maybe this wasn't going to be a bad Valentine's Day after all.


I really like teacher! Josh and student! Tyler mmm yes please.

Thankyou for so many reads? Like wtf I don't deserve this??

I'll be going on a long road trip tomorrow so I'm hoping to be able to write on the way there.

Stay street frens xx


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