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In which Tyler is a stripper at a run down shit storm, and josh can't help himself.


Josh stared at him in awe.

Right in front of him, was the most beautiful boy he had ever seen in his entire life. But the one flaw was ; he was dancing on a pole for everyone else to see.

He has a bare chest, and his skin was almost like milk. He has panties on with thigh highs the read across them

'He's perfect' josh thought.

He practically darted his way to the front desk,panting by the time he got there.

"E-excuse me sir, can I have a private dance with that boy on the pole over there?" The blonde haired man pointed towards the boy he had been making googly eyes at all night.

All he got in return was a grunt as the man pulled up a radio which connected to the intercom above the place.

"Doll to back room number 3" the front desk man said in an annoyed sort of voice.

You could hear distant groans from the men who were watching 'doll' before, upset that they couldn't watch him anymore.

Doll got off stage and mad his was to the back room, motioning for josh to follow.

When they entered the room, josh felt gross. He felt like he wanted this boy to be in his own large house, doing this to him as a significant other, not as just another customer.

Doll pushed him down on the chair that was stationed in the middle of the room and began to sway his hips.

Josh began to reach out to maybe grab his hips and pull him closer, but the porcelain boy moved his hands away.

"No touching" he whispered into his ear.


After many days of josh coming back to the same stripper joint everyday, and feeling like shit the whole time, he was going to tell Tyler.

Oh yeah, throughout the hours of the time the blonde haired man spent there, "doll" told him his real name.

"You must be real special" Tyler had said, "because I have never done that with any costumer before"

The word customer shattered Josh's heart like he had just been hit with a baseball bat, but he tried to focus on the word special.

That day when josh went to the same old run down stripper joint, he as always asked for 'doll' seeing as Tyler's boss couldn't know he was telling josh his real name.

He was led to the back room as Tyler said
"Hey josh, I'm going to do something a little bit different today" josh was confused, but he was only focusing on the fact that Tyler was gripping his hand as they walked.

As usual, the younger boy pushed josh on the chair gently, but began to sit with his thoughts on either side of him.

Josh was expecting to tell Tyler his feelings, until Tyler began to speak.

"You can touch, Joshua"

The blonde haired man didn't need to be told twice. He immediately set his hands on Tyler's curvy hips and said,
"Are you sure about this,ty?"

Tyler smile at the consent and nodded, still gazing fondly at the man beneath him.

Josh didn't want to wait any longer, he reached up for Tyler's chin with his index finger and his thumb, and pulled him into a kiss.

It was better than either of them could ever imagine. Josh knew it was so cliche but they were like puzzle pieces, like they were supposed to be together or something.

"Come home with me Joshua. We don't have to do anything, we can just watch the stars on my roof. You have no idea how bad I've wanted this and i understand if you don't want to but god dammit Joshua I am infatuated with you, and every time you walk in that door I swear I can feel my heart practically do jumping jacks"

Weather it was the hot pink lights showing on the younger boys face, or the way he was rambling on and on about josh, or the way his chest was heaving up and down from excitement, the blonde haired man was in love with this boy.

"Of course ill come home with you ty, you're all I've ever wanted" so, Tyler lept up motioning for josh to come to, grabbing his hand and heading they're way to a room josh had never seen before.

What looked to be the employee room they had entered, the younger boy grabbed some regular jeans, a black shirt, and a red adidas jacket, Tyler put them on over his sinful a outfit.

They proceeded to the front of the run down building, with a look of confusion on Josh's face.

"Baby, what are we doing-" josh began, but Tyler had interrupted him by talking to the manager at the front desk.

"I quit, tony." Tyler spat, turning his head and basically strutting his way out of the place.

When they were outside josh- out of instinct- began to rub his thumb over the smaller boys hand.

"What did you do that for?" The older man asked as they made their way to his car.

"I don't need that place anymore. You made me realize that."

Tyler looked to josh and smiled, showing his crooked teeth.


Well that was a mess.

900 words what even.

Do you guys like feminine Tyler? I personally do that's why I put him in this context.

If you guys have any suggestions for one shots then you can dm me and I will most likely talk it into consideration.

Stay street xx


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