- Silent in the trees -

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I love this picture so much okay,okay.^_^

Tyler and Josh loved going on road trips. They would hold hands a long the separation between the seats, (which they hated the separation btw) play their favorite music and sing as loud as they could,and sometimes they would have to pull over along the road because Tyler would tease josh to much.
"Hey ty" josh called to Tyler as they were watching tv.
Tyler hummed in response.
"We should go on a drive." Tyler giggled at the thought.
"Where to" he looked at josh and realized he was completely serious.
"I just want to drive with you babe. I want to be with you and only with no distractions."
"Okay. I'm up for it." Tyler bolted up stairs, grabbing some blankets and pillows for star watching,and some comfy clothes for him and Josh.
It was now night time, and they were in the middle of the forest. Their phones were turned off so there were no distractions, and they were only focused on each other.
"Let's get out and lay down a blanket." Tyler looked at Josh ; he nodded in response.
They got the blankets all set up, when Tyler started to get flashbacks.
"Josh" he stared at him, with a scared look on his face.
Josh turned towards him,his expression of happiness immediately faded when he saw the state of his other.
"Ty what's wrong?"
"I-" it took him a second,but he got a hold of himself"
"I used to come here, before I met you. I would shout into the deep dark forest that no one was in, singing song lyrics that nobody knew, and I would cry. I would cry because I was so alone in this place we call home. I would take a rope here, every time my blurry thoughts telling me 'you have to do it Tyler, you have to die or your life will continue to be a living hell," at this point josh was leaning into Tyler,his eyes locked with the brown haired ones and he fingers tangled in his embrace.
"I stopped coming here when I met you Joshua. I now no longer come here and scream at this place we call home,only to hear nothing. Do you know why, I stopped coming here?" He looked into the safe brown eyes of his boyfriend, only for him to shake his head with a confused expression.
"Because you are my home josh. This world is not my home it is you. I am so in love with you that it hurts my chest when I even think about you."
Josh had basically knocked Tyler over into a tight hug, stuffing his face in the pit of the brown hairs neck.
"I love you so much Tyler Joseph. Don't ever leave me you beautiful bastard." He chuckled,tickling the boy's neck as he did so.
"I want to sing you a song that I wrote down here a while ago. You obviously know it because you've played those drums a million times to it before, but I still just want to sing it for you." The younger boy pulled out his ukulele from under his blanket and began strumming a very familiar pattern to the pink haired boy.

I know
Where you stand
I'm the trees
Why won't you speak
Where I happen to be
I know
Where I am
Standing cowardly
I want to know you
I want to see
I want to say

Tyler finished the tune, setting his ukulele down and facing towards josh.
They looked at each other for a little while, just admiring.

And that was there favorite thing in the whole world 

A/N: I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS UGH. But there will be more of this soon because I still have to do a five hour trip back to my home so :))!!! This was originally going to be called road trip and then I figured it didn't make much sense but oh whale.
Stay Alive Frens xx

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