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holy shit this book hit 4k reads fuck me in the butt. ( jk butt holes are for crapping not for fapping)
also, brief smut in this but not in the way you think.


tyler's new apartment was looking amazing. his walls were painted his favorite color (yellow), and his furniture was all a perfect pleasing white. he couldn't have asked for more as he trailed his nimble fingers against the walls, practically skipping in his sock clad feet.

the boy was fairly feminine, wearing big sweaters and tight jeans and painted nails. he also sometimes wore makeup, but only on special occasions.

the young boy also couldn't wait to meet his new neighbor, so, he baked the mystery person a cupcake and knocked on their door at 10 am.

usually this would be early for most people, but not for tyler. he was always up at the crack of dawn, watching the sun rise with beautiful colors while listening to vinyls ring through his colorful walls.

after a few minutes of standing there with an amazing amount of anticipation, tyler heard no footsteps or any efforts to open the oak door.

the new adult knocked again, speeking a bit through the door,

"h-hello? i'm your new neighbor, i made you something." his voice was very frail but his body stood strong.

the boy actually became a bit worried. he knew this person was home because their car was parked in their spot and their door was unlocked.

how did he know about the door you may ask? well that's because he took it upon himself to walk in and set the cupcake on the counter island.

he tried to make everything as quiet as possible, just in case this person was sleeping, until he heard grunts and moans.

the boy stopped in his tracks, face beating up immediately as he stood with his legs crossed in such a way that would hide his growing erection.

everything seemed to move so quickly as he made his way to the only bedroom in the house, the sinful noises only growing louder in his blushing ears.

the boy turned the corner and came eye to back with the stranger. he had beautiful yellow hair (like the color of his walls) and his back was toned and freckled. he wasn't facing towards tyler so this gave a perfect amount of time for him to think about how we going to introduce himself to someone who was literally jacking off right in front of him.

"u-uh excuse me?"

the mans eyes whipped around as he threw a blanket over himself. tyler's face was uncomfortable and so was he as he tried to hide his still visible erection.

"who are you and why are you in my house?" he wasn't loud. not at all actually. he didn't yell or scream and his face almost looked soft.

"i'm, uh, i'm tyler. i just moved in a-across the hall. i was bringing you a gift but you weren't answering." tyler looked so innocent and pure in the moment.

"well i'm sorry we had to meet this way but my names josh. i would shake your hand but that would be very disgusting." this made tyler giggle which also showed his erection as his hands moved up towards his face.



i'm not gonna write smut but maybe sometime in the future.

also sorry i haven't updated in hellas 🤷🏻‍♂️

i love ya bitches -


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