our hometowns in the dark

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rainy days were always tyler's favorite.

the man could sit in his maroon painted living room at his grand piano, playing a song he knew like the back of his hand.

his slim fingers roamed over the keys as he played the familiar melody, preparing himself to belt out the words in a soft tone that suited him perfectly.

as he sang and played he didn't notice joshua coming down the stairs. the man woke up hearing the beautiful tones and knew it had to be his love, so he decided to listen and not bother him.

the sound of the keys echoing through the room made the moment intense and special. the youngers fingers were working like magic as his love listened so intently, almost like it was the last time he would ever hear it.

tyler didn't know why, but tears started to well up and his throat tightened. his voice became shaky and his hands began to tremble as his they danced over the keys to make the melodys.

he hadn't noticed until drops of water were landing on the back of his palms and he had to stop what he was doing.

before he knew it, joshua was on the bench with him, encouraging him to play on as he wiped his loves tears away.

once again the younger mans hands drifted like ballerinas over the keys as joshua sang with him until his voice wasn't trembling any more and he could make out the words by himself.

tyler finished off as he took his bare foot off the petal to stop the echoing, not wanting to look at his husband.

"you're so beautiful, did you know that, love?" the yellow haired man let the words slip out of his mouth like dripping honey. of course this was a rhetorical question but the younger answered anyway.

"joshua you've told me that so many times i think it's burned in the side of my brain by now." both of them chuckled at this as joshua scooted tyler into his lap and taking his hand.

the moment was sweet as tyler's head lay on his loves chest and he rocked them back and forth slightly.

"why were you crying, love" joshua asked in a low tone. tyler loved his voice in the morning. it was low and scratchy and was something tyler could almost fall asleep to.

"sometimes i just like crying" tyler laughed lightly to this as he looked up to his lover with bright doe eyes. this didn't make josh laugh though, he had his eyebrows knitted together looking down at his love with soft eyes.

the younger sighed and pecked josh's lips to prepare himself to explain. in all honesty it was a jumble of situations that made his mind fog as the damn broke to let out the poisonous drops of liquid from his mocha eyes.

"i miss this place even thought we're here now. i miss home and i miss you even though i am with you literally every second of my existence. that song just reminds me of how much i love you and ohio and i just can't help it." the man was now playing with his slim fingers as he looked down at them, the previously mentioned 'poison drops of liquid' threatened to spill.

josh wasn't confused, in fact he knew this feeling like it was his best friend. He set his scruffed chin upon his lovers head,still rocking them side to side with his hands on tyler's hips.

"sing it for me. please."

tyler nodded, still sniffing as he turned back around to face his piano. his nimble fingers only got to set feather light over his keys until josh stopped him.

"no, love. i wanna hear you"

even though the younger man was a world know singer and he sung in front of millions of people in one night, he was still quite nervous as he began to sing the nostalgic words.

his voice was trembling slightly whilst his adam's apple was bobbing up and down to the beat.

"where we're from,"

josh took one of tyler's hands in his as he closed his eyes and rested his head on his loves  square shoulders.

"there's no sun, our hometowns in the dark."

they stayed like this for a bit. swaying their body's with limbs wrapped around each other, covered in love.

"i miss you, joshua" tyler confessed.

"i miss you too, love"


it's jenna and tyler's anniversary!! i love their relationship so much. ironic, i know right?

i hoped you like this cause i really liked writing it :))

any writing suggestions?

stay street xx


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