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joshua had practically dragged tyler to the store. of course tyler didn't want to go, he never does, and the eldest has to always force him.

so, here they were, shopping for over priced groceries for their over priced home in an over priced neighborhood.

the fluffy haired boy was only wearing a yellow sweatshirt and basketball shorts with flip flops, with a hat to top it off. this wasn't his normal attire, but what could you except from someone who did not want to be there.

as they passed by several different foods, the younger began to notice something; every man around him was completely different.

they were all well built, and if they weren't extremely muscular then they had a little bit of meat on their bones.

tyler looked down at his legs as him and his love were walking past the ice cream aisle, and he noticed just how scronny he looked compared to everyone.

even his own boyfriend was built and was one of the strongest men he knew.

"you okay, baby?" josh asked, stopping the cart in the aisle and looking at the brown haired boy with concern.

"yeah i just- 'm wanna go home." the boys voice was much different then it usually was when he was complaining. it sounded serious and almost like he was chocking up.

"okay we can leave right now" the older man left the cart where it was and put tyler's hand in his as they were walking. the boy smiled at this, leaning into josh because of how much he cared for him.


the drive hone was usual. josh putting his hand on tyler's sun kissed thigh as they rode down the familiar roads with a random emo band blasting through the speakers of the run down red jeep.

as they drove, the youngest took time to stare at the men passing by. some had just shorts and tennis shoes on as the jogged down the street and their muscles were very prominent.

tyler once again checked his arms and looked over at josh's toned arms, making the boy frown a bit.

"ty what's wrong?" josh always knew when something was wrong with his love. they were practically part of each other and it was easy for them to recognize each other's feelings.

"i," tyler wanted to tell him, he really did but he just couldn't.

"it's okay baby you can tell later if you're not comfortable." josh smiled at him and squeezed his thigh lightly to show his care once again.


a few hours later and their stomachs were filled with pizza ( they had to order since they had no groceries ) and they were laying down on their satin sheets as tyler hummed a familiar toon. they were so lost in each other. legs tangled together as well as hands, while their arms held each other so close they couldn't get any closer.

the silence was ruined because of a low groan from tyler.

"ugh joshy my stomach hurts so bad" tyler's eyes were squinted and his head was thrown back.

"you ate three times more than you usually do" josh laughed.

"i don't know... i wanna gain some weight" tyler said in almost a whisper. josh tilted his chin up with his finger and looked his love in the eyes.

" why would you wanna do that baby you're perfect" josh said full of certainty. one of his hands was tangled in tyler's brown locks and the other was running reassuringly down his side.

"'m to scraggly. i look like a noodle, joshy" the boy didn't want to look his boyfriend in the eyes.

josh didn't have to respond. he stood up and walked towards the bathroom in just boxers, and tyler admired him from afar as he shuffled his way.

"c'mon, ty i wanna show you something." tyler groaned but agreed non the less.

when he arrived at the door in an oversized t-shirt (joshua's) and boxers, he had an expectant look on his face.

josh motioned tyler to stand in front of him and they stood in front of their huge length mirror.

tyler shuffled his way in front of his boyfriend and looked up at him with doe eyes.

"turn around" the brunette did as he was told.

"i'm gonna start here, and take off your shirt for me, baby." joshua said, pointing to his loves torso.

what is he doing? tyler thought.

"tyler i love your stomach. it's so squishy and i can see your ribs but it's not unhealthy it's just lovely. your skin is so sun kissed and your freckles are just so beautiful," josh took a moment to kiss one of tyler's shoulders and rest his big hands on fragile hips.

"i love your shoulders. they aren't very broad but it suits you. you say you hate your arms because of how scrawny they are but you're fragile and that's one of the millions of things i love about you, ty,"

the boy getting so much praise let a single tear  roll down his crimson colored cheeks.

"don't cry, pretty i'm just getting started," the colored haired boy wiped his thumb across his loves cheeks to wipe away the tears.

" i love your thighs almost the most. especially when i'm the only one that gets to see them in such obscene ways," joshua smirked and tyler could clearly see it.

"and you hate your legs but baby everything about you is perfect so i don't want you to doubt yourself, okay?"

tyler nodded and oh how he loved joshua. he would never let the brunette feel down about his image.

"turn around, baby" josh spoke in a low tone voice.

tyler once again did as he was told and turned around, looking up slightly to see the face of joshua.

the eldest didn't need to speak any words. he kissed every inch of his loves face and kissed the tears away that were streaming down his cheeks.

"'m sorry joshua" tyler spoke barely above a whisper.

"it's okay,baby. it's okay to feel bad but i'm just here to make sure it doesn't effect you" tyler smiled as joshua kissed his forehead, wrapping his arms around his firm waist and pulling him in as close as possible.

"i'm gonna cuddle the hell out of you."the colored haired man picked up his love and let him wrap his thighs that he loved so dearly around his waist as they walked.
i'm really proud of my self for doing longer one shots lately.

i'm working on a new book called take me to church but i still have to pick a story line.

stay street xx

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