Black coffee and books

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Tyler was a young, almost hipster, 25 year old man who lived in a loft just on the New York City skyline.

He wore dark, thick rimmed glasses that were almost to big to fit over his face, oversized sweaters, black skinny jeans with rips at the knees, and gray vans that all fitted him perfectly.

One thing that everyone knew about the feminine man, was that he loved to read.

Conveniently enough, there was a perfectly hipster library right under his loft, with a Starbucks coffee shop built perfectly on the side.

He walked down to the small book place almost every day, just to read there. He couldn't actually afford to get a library card and take his books home, so he spent many hours a week in the small expanse.

On this particular day, he picked up Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. The boy absolutely loved Harry Potter.

He cuddled up in one of the many bean bags with a black coffee by his side, and the old book set perfectly in his small hands.

What Tyler didn't notice (which was very strange because he usually notices everything, he's an observer) is that there was a man, just a year older than him sat a wooden chair just across from him, with the same exact book in his bigger hands, and the same exact coffee sat on his right side.

The blue haired man looked up from his book (which was a very rare occasion because barely anything could peel him away from a good read) and got a short glance of the boy with over sized glasses, and once he realized just how beautiful he was, the blue haired man took a double take.

He didn't realize how long he had been staring, and he didn't really care to acknowledge that, but within a few minutes, Tyler reached over to grab his coffee to take a sip, but looked up to meet the mocha eyes of the blue haired man.

Tyler could clearly see the title of the book the man was reading, and he smiled up at him at the fact that the were in fact reading the same book.

"Y-you like Harry Potter?" Tyler managed to choke out. This took the blue haired man by surprise because he was expecting the younger boy to be afraid at the fact that he was being stared at run away, but Tyler was intrigued.

The man suddenly had a boost of confidence as he shot back a joke full response.

"Doesn't everyone?" He chuckled at this, still having locked eyes with the boy.

The man managed to pull a little giggle out of the boy, which for some reason made it feel like there were little people in his heart pulling strings at it.

The younger boy sat up a little bit to hold out a soft hand to shake.

"Tyler" he smiled a crooked teeth grin.

"Josh" the man, now officially known as josh, gratefully took Tyler's hand in his, and wow, josh thought, this feels great.

Both of the males were slightly disappointed at the loss of contact when they let go but continued to stare at eachother as though they were each other's life line.

After about a minute or two of just staring at each other, Tyler decided to speak up, even though it wasn't uncomfortable.

"So, josh, who's you're f-favorite character?" And Tyler stuttered. He didn't know why. He was fidgeting with his hands and stuttering and it was all because of this man.

"Ronald Weasley" Joshua said almost immediately (in a British accent) which made Tyler laugh at something that wasn't even really that funny.

"How about you, doll" and Joshua didn't know where the name doll came from or why he had just had the sudden confidence to let the word roll off his lips like honey, but he knew it wasn't a mistake. A dark crimson color snuck its way into the younger boys cheeks, trying to hide the dark shade.

"Well i do really love professor Lupin, but Sirius Black will always be my favorite" josh nodded his head at this, loving to gain the simple information of the things the boy enjoyed.

To cut the gaze that the two men set on each other after the simple conversation, Tyler raised up his coffee cup, indicating he had run out.

"Oh I'll get that. Anything to repay you for this lovely conversation" Joshua said almost immediately.

"Oh you don't have to do that Joshua, I've got it but thank you" Tyler quickly stood up before the other boy could refuse, setting his book face down so he wouldn't loose his spot.

About 2 minutes later, the boy came back with a new coffee in hand, smiling at how concentrated Joshua was on reading.

"I'm sorry but I think I will be leaving now. It was great meeting you" Tyler said almost regretfully.

He began to pick up his bag and gather his things, until josh stopped him.

"Wait Tyler," josh began, standing up off his chair and walking towards the boy, "meet me here tomorrow yeah? Maybe around 6:30?"

The man had hope in his mocha colored eyes and Tyler felt something pull at his heart.

"That sounds wonderful,josh. I'll see you tomorrow then." He pushed up his glasses on the bridge of his noes, smiling widely as he walked out of his favorite building.

But you see, what Tyler didn't know is that; tomorrow at 6:30 pm would not be the last time they read Harry Potter together with big sweaters on and black coffees set by there side. No, this would only be the first of forever.


lol that was really cliché but I loved it.

953 words what up.

Stay street frens xx


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