Across the street pt.2

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pulchritudinous is a way to describe great physical beauty.

This is really short but I want it to be so here you go.

1 year later

Tyler woke up from his sleep, puffy lipped and messy haired, only to meet the sleeping face of his boyfriend,josh.

As creepy as it sounds, Tyler love watching Josh sleep. He was so peaceful as his hair draped perfectly over his forehead, and his lips were parted just slightly, with his long eyelashes set beautifully over his pale cheeks.

Soon, the blonde haired boy woke up to the doe eyes of his boyfriend and smiled a toothy grin.

"Tyler" josh giggled "stop watching me while I sleep" he stared to put his hands over his eyes and cover his face, but Tyler quickly grabbed them, pulling them away and giving josh a soft peck on the lips.

"I can't help it" Tyler shrugged
"You're pulchritudinous"

This was vv short because I didn't know what to put for the second part but I still wanted to do it 🙃

Stay street xx


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