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i have this book that gives you writing prompts so i flipped to a random page and saw this one.

also, very important a/n at the end.


every inch of him is perfect.

from his awfully died hair, to his extremely pale skin.

our literature teacher has asked us to write and describe the face of someone we loved, and joshua just happened to be sitting at the table right in front of mine.

"now, when you're done with your assignment, i want you to hand it in to me, no matter how much you have left. begin" the young teacher spoke to the teens as they flipped through their notebooks.

i am not only writing about the face of my love,but love itself.

for me, he is the definition of love, and he is what i think of immediately when i think 'love'.

when he smiles, he gets little crinkles around his mocha orbs, and sometimes when he smiles so big, his eyes are almost shut.

he hates his nose, and most everything about his physical features, but i could sit there for days explaining to him just how breath taking he is.

one of my favorite things about his features, is his stubble. sometimes it brushes against my face as we kiss, and it adds perfectly to the moment.

sometimes i think if i'm alive or if i'm dreaming dead while i'm with him, because life with his face in it is in fact a dream.

his eyes are my all time favorite, though. the coffee color of his eyes blends perfectly with his pale skin tone, and i could write a while book about them.

his name is j-

"alright class, turn your pages in, no further writing." the brunette quickly picked his pen up from the white paper, looking up only to see josh leaning over his shoulder smiling at him with the same smile he had just been writing about.


a/n: i'm sorry that was short but i have a ver y important question.

would you guys be interested in me writing a book just with one sentence one shots? b/c i don't want to keep writing them here.

if you're interested comment here.

stay street xx


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