across the street pt.1

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The new boy across the street is the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on•

Tyler Joseph is a 28 year old man who lives alone on a street that has exactly eleven other houses. He's an observer, for example: the old lady that lives exactly 3 houses down has a limp in her step (presumably from old age) and she always wears something with flowers on it. Tyler finds it adorable.

The young couple across the street are very loud, they are probably newly out of college Tyler thinks because of the amount of parties and sex is going on in that house. They look at each other like they're searching for something in the others eyes, like they're in love.

Tyler has never felt that feeling,but he wants to so extremely bad. He thinks that there is no one, in this horrible place we call home, to love him, too.

Until January of 2016

The new boy across the street was the most beautiful person he had ever laid his eyes on,and trust me he has seen a lot of people in his life time.

He has very colorful hair I love it Tyler thinks. He has one arm completely covered in a beautiful sleeve of a tree and what seems to be a galaxy I love it Tyler thinks. Tyler can never get close enough to see his face though, seeing as he watches him from the second floor bedroom window.

One day Tyler has had enough. All he wants to do is meet this man, and if he can't be more then friends with him then he doesn't care because all he wants to do right now is to be able to talk to him.

So, he slips on an old tattered pair of vans, and an adidas jacket that makes him look like the biggest fuckboy on the planet, along with a plain back hat that fits his head perfectly.

He hastily walks through the front door of his house, and darts it to the mans door. I might as well run fast because if I decide to turn back it will be a lot more difficult he thinks.

As soon as he steps on the beautiful mans doorstep he waits. He breathes in and catches his breath in is throat as he brings a soft had to knock on the wooden door.

He can hear shuffling inside the big house, telling him that there is someone inside awaiting his arrival. Tyler's heart beats in his chest so loud he can hear it in his ears, and he slowly realizes that he has absolutely nothing to say.

It's too late, the door knob on the old wooden door of the home in being turned, and a- no the beautiful man is standing there, a stupid smile plastered on his tired face. Tyler thinks that he should be taking notes or something because wow.

"H-hi" Tyler manages to push out. The boy is wearing only sweatpants hung low on his toned body, his big hands rested in his pockets. He has a little bit of scruff on his face and his eyes- oh his eyes- I could get lost in those eyes Tyler thinks, and he realizes he is because the man is now responding to him with am expecting look for the flustered boy to respond.

"Uh- hi. Can I help you with something?" He says politely. His voice is is like honey. I could listen to that all day Tyler thinks.

"No not really a-actually. U-Uh I live across the street and I-I just wanted to welcome you I-I guess?" Tyler exclaimed, turning his head and pointing to the bigger house across the street.

"Oh-well thankyou. I'm Joshua, you can call me josh" josh sticks out a big hand in front of Tyler for him to shake it. Tyler takes his hand in his. Wow Tyler thinks this is way better than I imagined. He mutters "Tyler" to josh and retracts his hand to his hoodie pocket. What now?

"Would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee?" Josh asks.

"Oh that we be wonderful" Tyler answers back.

He walks in to the home of josh, and silently takes in the smell. He wants to remember everything just in case he'll never see it again. Oh how wrong he was.

Josh directs him to the kitchen and motions for him to sit down on the island in the middle of the modern looking room.

"So" josh began, making coffee simultaneously "how long have you been living here,Tyler" wow Tyler thinks I love hearing my name roll off his lips.

" well I've been living here for about 7 years. I'm 28 now and I like it." He says, gratefully taking the warm coffee mug that josh gives to him as he sits.

"Why'd you move, I-if you don't mind me asking" josh says back, seeming to look worried that he's annoyed Tyler. He gave a small sigh, knowing that he would ask him that question.

"Well my parents- they are very religious" Tyler started. Josh seemed to be very interested because his hands were resting under his chin, and he was staring into Tyler's eyes like he was looking for something; just like that couple down the street Tyler thought.

"And they weren't very supportive o-of- well... I'm gay." He said very quickly, afraid that josh would possibly kick him out. Meanwhile, josh was thinking the exact opposite of that, his heart was leaping.

"Oh really?" Josh started "I'm bi, my parents weren't supportive either.

"Sick" they both said in unison. They both laughed together and wow Tyler thinks his laugh is like heaven on earth.

"How old are you, Josh?" Tyler asks,looking at him the same way josh was a few minutes ago.

"30" josh says, sighing "I'm old" this time he laughed and pulls his big hands through his bright yellow hair.

"You look very lovely to me Joshua" Tyler states.

Josh looks down at his feet and blushes, looking up at Tyler shortly after.

"And you're very lovely to me Tyler" he says, looking at him the way he was before.

It's now or never Tyler thinks I might as well get this done.

Tyler leans forward and doesn't even hesitate to connect his lips to the older mans. But the best part is; he doesn't pull away.

Josh gently sets his hands on Tyler's hips and pulls him in so he has his thighs wrapped around either side of Josh's body.

Tyler brings up a hand to wrap around the back of the older mans neck, pulling him in as close as possible. His lips are practically the softest things I have touched Tyler thinks.

As much as they hated it, humans need air to to live, so after about a minute of an on going makeout session, they pull away with their heads touching.

"Hi im Tyler and I just made this situation 10 times more awkward then it needed to be" Tyler said,giggling and placing another cliché kiss to Josh's lips, but oh how they loved it.

I am totally doing a part two to this

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