take me to church

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i in know way intend to offended any religion.

this is 1700 words and i want to make it in to a book so let me know if you'd be interested in that.

the dun family has always been extremely religious.

along with this persona, came homophobia, which was unfortunate considering their very own son was extremely homosexual.

every sunday they went to the same church where the same pastor preached the same thing, every. single. sunday.

there was of course the downsides of church, and in joshua's opinion, here's the list.

1.it always smells like old people
2.family members who want to give the wettest kisses on earth
3.the pews were extremely uncomfortable
4.literally everyone in the room was homophobic. besides one person

and the only good side about the religious day, was tyler joseph.

there he was, in all of his heartbreaking beauty, with an old suit that fit him like it was 3 sizes to big, and a look on his face that was completely the same as that of joshua duns.

his lips were parted and all though joshua could only see one half of his face at the moment, he was absolutely smitten.

his fluffy brown hair was tussled and he looked very tired, it looked like he could fall asleep right then.

he was on cloud nine until the brown haired boy glanced towards him and his heart rate went through the roof.

joshua swore he could see the beautiful boys cheeks grow a dark shade of crimson, and a small- gentle smile appear on his lips before he was turning towards the pastor.


the rest of the sunday session was exactly the same as any other, boring and uncomfortable.

joshua always felt that way during a preach, because he knew everyone encompassing him hated him just for who he loved.

he was extremely excited to get home and possibly fantasize about the joseph's boy, that is until he was confronted by the same boy.

tyler's parents walked up to joshua's to talk about who knows what, while tyler pulled josh aside by the hand.

"hi" tyler said, and oh how his voice was like honey dropping off his tounge.

"i-uh w- hi" joshua replied, ears and neck going a dark shade of red.

"i know exactly what my parents are talking to yours about," he began, leaning a little bit closer to joshua in the process "they want us to hang out. they say it would be good for me to hang out with a boy who was more like a 'boy' " tyler put air quotes around the word boy which made joshua smile.

"were 16, why do they arrange things like this?" joshua asks.

" i honestly have no idea-" the brunette boy was cut off by his parents guiding him to leave and sending josh a small smile.

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