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In which Tyler is rushed to the hospital when josh isn't with him
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Josh was an overworked businessman in one of the biggest firms in Ohio. Being said, he hair to work a lot, much to Tyler's dismay.

They were married, lived in a big house that went out into a big backyard, and had a daughter named Riley.

Everything was going just fine in their lives,but of course the universe just wouldn't allow that.

"Mr. Dun, there's a man on the phone for you he says it's an emergency" his assistant said, rushing to his office.

He quickly took the phone from her hand and muttered a quick thank you before answering.

"H-hello this is josh du-"

"JOSHUA COME QUICKLY TYLERS IN THE HOSPITAL ILL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING WHEN YOU GET HERE" it was brendon and josh has already been up and grabbing his brief case when he heard the words Tyler and hospital in the same sentence.

As josh lunged down the big flight of stairs, two steps at a time, silent tears were rushing down his face as he was muttering.

" don't leave me Tyler you can't not now not ever"

The drive to the hospital was the worst thing in the world. Josh seemed to have stopped at every red light possible and his brain was rushing with multiple horrible thoughts that he couldn't shake.

As soon as he got into the closest parking spot, josh pulled out his keys and grabbed his coat and darted it to the front entrance of the hospital building.

He got sympathetic stares as he was rushing down the long corridor to main lobby, because when you see a man running as fast as he can with tears slipping down his face in a hospital, is never a good sign.

"Tyler Joseph Dun, I need to see Tyler Joseph Dun right now or so help me I will force my way to him" he was heaved over the front desk painting so hard you could barely understand what he was saying.

"What is your relation to Mr.Dun?" The lady asked as sweetly as possible.

"He's my husband and my daughter and my bestfriend are with him -wherever he is I don't even know" he said through pants, tears still slipping down his scruffed face.

" he's in the ic room 411 but he might be sleeping."

She pointed to the express elevators, and josh didn't even wait for her to finish his sentence.


"Tyler, baby" josh said through tears.

Tyler was hooked up to multiple iv tubes. His eyes were barely open and he had cuts and bruises all over his body.

"Ty what happened" josh said, now sitting on the edge of his bed while running his fingers through the younger mans hair.

"I- don't really know b-but I was driving and someone h-hit me so hard and I think I-I passed out because that's a-all I remember"
Tyler explained while shaking his head trying to stop all the tears.

"You scared me so much  I thought I was going to lose you."

"It's okay Joshie I'm here." Tyler said to him I'm a hushed whisper. Josh was now laying his head down oh Tyler's chest, letting his tears fall.




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