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every inch of tylers skin was like air to josh's lungs. every slight touch was like the blood being pumped through his sickly-loved veins.

tyler stripped himself of everything but his boxers, as did josh. alone, at last, together. the older of the two laid the younger down gently, one hand behind his head and the other resting on his fragile back.

"i love you." was what joshua said after his first kiss to tylers lips. the hormonal boys rutted their groins together in desperate need for some type of satisfaction.

more open mouthed kisses were placed all along tylers collar bones and jaw as joshua's hands gripped his hips in the most sinful way.

"say it again" his voice was cracking and his pants were making the sentence barely audible, but tyler need the spoken words to seep into his skin.

with every kiss joshua planted over his younger loves body he spoke the most beautiful words in between each action,

"i love you,"


"i love you,"


"i love you."

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