pay attention

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daddy kink because???

"daddy!" tiny tyler shouted through their shared home, his angelic voice bouncing off each corner.

"yes, love" joshua (daddy) walked through the hallway , frowning when he walked into the bedroom seeing tyler pouting with his arms crossed on the bed.

"you are not paying attention to me and i'm clingy. you know this by now, daddy. i want attention" with his lip curled up to his nose in mock disgust tyler still held his stance as joshua made his way over to the tiny boy.

"what kind of attention, princess." josh teased, only wearing a pair of low hanging sweatpants which was already making tylers mind fade out.

"no not that kind of attention , silly goose. i want you to hold me and call me cute names and praise me, daddy. (me too) "

joshua chuckled as he was laying down with his baby already crawling on top of him.

joshua began to close his eyes and tease tyler a as he pretended to snore.

"dadddydyydy no! pay attention to me!" tyler was poking at his daddy's face  and moving it around. joshua was not responding and tiny tyler had a mishevious idea.

"fine. i'll just get a new daddy then that will love me and pay attention to me." tyler pouted and smirked as he jutted his chin up to the ceiling. this made josh open one eye.

"and who would that new daddy be, tyler?" tylers eyes widened. joshua only used his real
name when he was angry.

"b-brenny" tiny tyler got up and ran away at this. the mention of brendon urie laying even a finger on his baby would have him fuming.

"oh no you don't" joshua ran around their flat until he reached his little in his arms, lifting him over his broad shoulder.

"daddy no! "tiny tyler was landing hard (soft) punches to his strong back.

"what, baby? i thought you wanted attention?"
lmao sorry i've been gone for ages but 🤷🏻‍♂️ i don't have an excuse.

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