LXXVII- Relief?

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Indianna wasn't sure what was happening. One minute she was watching Greyson run towards her and the next minute she was shoved to the ground and she saw a sandy coloured wolf fly over her head. She gasped and frantically looked around. Wolves were streaming in from every direction. Teeth barred, growling and looking ravenous.

She screamed as the wolves started to attack Greyson's pack.

"My pack," she whispered and rolled onto her side. She was on the outside looking in and it was horrible. The growls were loud and she flinched when she heard the snapping of a jaw into flesh. A painful howl filled the air and she looked around, desperately trying to find the injured wolf and praying it was one of Jason's.

There was a blur of colours and she failed to locate Greyson's black coat. Her heart was thumping in her chest and her breaths were coming out rapidly. Her eyes landed on a large grey wolf as it tackled Brandon to the ground and easily slung him to the side. It looked ready to kill.

Suddenly the wolf stopped its advances on Brandon and turned to a wide eyed Brooke. The wolf suddenly dropped its dangerous demeanour and lowered its back, allowing Brooke to climb onto him.

"Harry," Indianna breathed and nodded. "Brooke's safe."

Indianna looked around again and she cried out when she saw a dusty orange wolf get tackled to the ground by a snarling muddy brown coloured wolf. Something inside her told her she knew the orange wolf.

"Kal," she whispered and gasped when he howled in pain as the muddy wolf bit into his shoulder. Indianna sucked in a breath as a softer brown coloured wolf tackled the muddy one off of Kal and she let out a small sigh of relief.


Indianna glanced around again, desperate to find her mate. She fought against the ropes binding her wrists as she looked, not successful at either task. Indianna then closed her eyes and focused all her energy on Greyson. She slipped into his mind and was overwhelmed with his emotions.

He was fuelled with anger and his hate towards Jason was like a flame, only getting stronger. But he was also scared. He was frantic to see Indianna and she was scared that his worry for her would distract him.

*I'm fine,* she said, hoping to put him at ease. *You better be too.*

Indianna then went into his mind fully and her surroundings changed. Her vision was sharper and clearer. She was seeing through the eyes of Greyson's wolf.

Greyson's wolf was amazing, bounding over the bodies of fallen wolves and easily attacking the standing ones. He tumbled to the ground on top of an enemy wolf and dug his teeth into his neck, ripping out the enemy's flesh and spitting it to the ground. He moved on quickly to his next target, killing it within seconds.

Greyson paused and took a second to look around. He spotted Harry trying to defend himself and Brooke. If it was just him he had to worry about Harry would have no problem, but he was struggling with Brooke on his back. Ace was paired with Kal who was slowly healing from his injury. They were putting up a good fight. His eyes landed on Kirstie and Mac who worked in sync with each other. Kirstie was playing with her victims until Mac ended it quickly but painfully for the enemy. Jansen was fighting well, his wolves were strong, but they weren't a warrior pack. They were starting to struggle.

Greyson then looked around again, taking in the amount of enemy wolves. He couldn't count. It was like they were the viscous sea and Greyson and everyone else were the small island that was waiting to get flooded.

Indianna felt Greyson's emotion just before he hid it from her.


He knew it was a slim chance they were going to win.

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