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"Indie. Indie, you awake?"

Indianna groaned and forced her eyes open. Her head was ringing and it took a while for her to focus on her surroundings.

"What's going on?" Indianna asked groggily. She was bound back to back with Brooke on the floor in the middle of the clearing in the woods. "Are you hurt? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Brooke nodded.

"Where is Jason?" Indianna panicked and looked around the empty space.

"I don't know," Brooke said. "He left us here and just left. We've been here for hours."

"Oh my gosh," Indianna groaned. "I don't understand. Why is he doing this? What does he want?"

"I overheard him," Brooke said quietly. "Talking to Brandon."

"What did he say?"

"Greyson's pack is powerful," Brooke said. "He wants it."

"But he's a rouge! Why would he want a pack?"

"He wants control of everything, Indie. The whole werewolf world. He's going to start with this town and then he's going to slowly get more power-"

"No, he won't. He can't get this pack or the town. Like you said, our pack is powerful, and we have Jansen helping us."

"Indie, you've been unconscious," Brooke whispered. "He's got men. He's got more than we ever considered. He can do it, he can take control."

"He told me he wants to settle down!" Indianna gasped. "In this town!"

"He may want to, but he also has other plans," Brooke sighed.

"No," Indianna said, dread forming in her stomach. "Oh god, he wants Greyson. He isn't going to kill him, but to take control he needs him out of the way. We're bait, Brooke. We're bait for the pack."

"You never should have come, Indie," Brooke sighed. "You should have just left me."

"That never would have happened. You'd be dead if I did-" Indianna's voice cracked. "Just like Martha. Besides, if you're saying he has enough power to take over then he would have got me eventually. I just delayed the inevitable."

"I don't want to give up," Brooke said. "But I can't help it. We're doomed, Indie. We're all screwed-"

"Let's try to stay optimistic-"

"Oh it's bullshit!" Brooke cried and pulled against the restraints binding the two girls together. "Fuck the werewolf world! Fuck everyone, we're screwed. Rogue has won."

Indianna swallowed and closed her eyes.

She didn't want Brooke to be right, but she knew she was.

Indianna took a deep breath and opened her mind to Greyson.

*Sugar, when I get to you you're in so much fucking trouble,* Greyson's voice came immediately.


*What's he done? Are you hurt? How is Brooklyn?*

*We're bait,* Indianna said. *Rogue wants control. He wants control of the whole werewolf world and he's starting with this town. Our pack.*

*Over my dead body,* Greyson growled. *Sugar, we know your location. We're coming.*

*Don't!* Indianna yelled. *Greyson, I'm so sorry for sneaking out, but don't come for us. You've only located us because he's let you! He wants you to come.*

*Good, I'll kill him when I see him.*

*No!* Indianna cried. *Goddamnit, listen to me, you idiot! He's powerful, Greyson. Brooke said he's got more men than we ever anticipated. He can defeat you and Jansen! If you come to us you'll be doing exactly what he wants!*

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