LXXIII- Not Going To Plan

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"That was brilliant!" Greyson exclaimed as he walked into his room later that night. Indianna was lying on the bed, on the verge of falling asleep. "You should really consider acting, sugar."

Indianna smiled and sat up as Greyson sat next to her and wrapped his arm around her. "So it worked?" Indianna wondered.

"I'm pretty sure we convinced both Stacy and Rogue that I would have no problem hurting Stacy," Greyson smirked. "He'll be there in two days time with Martha. He wouldn't dare risk his mate getting hurt. He's going to do exactly as we say."

"You didn't hurt her though, did you?" Indianna asked cautiously.

"I want too," Greyson said, "but no. Stacy won't be harmed."

Indianna nodded and closed her eyes. "Good," she murmured and linked her fingers with Greyson's. "I love you."

"I love you," Greyson said softly and ran his fingers through Indianna's hair. "How is your burn?"

"Healing," Indianna said tiredly. "When are Jansen and Olivia arriving?"


"I know that, idiot. What time?"

"Tomorrow morning," Greyson said. "We've got a busy day tomorrow, we better sleep."

Indianna didn't need to be told again and she fell asleep in Greyson's arms.




"We need to get up," Greyson mumbled.

"Five more minutes," Indianna groaned and snuggled closer to her pillow.

"You said that five minutes ago," Greyson said.

"I mean it this time," Indianna yawned.

"Up," Greyson said. "Or I'll make you."

"Whatever," Indianna said tiredly and she gasped in surprise when she suddenly landed on the floor. "You ass!" She exclaimed and sat up and glared at Greyson who smirked.

"I warned you," he shrugged.

"Dick," she grumbled and crawled up from the ground. "What's the time?"


"Why are we up this early?" Indianna whined and rubbed her eyes.

"Because I'm aware it takes you two hours to shower," Greyson teased. "We've got a busy day. We've got a lot to do and little time. Olivia and Jansen will be arriving soon, we need to be ready."

"I'll guess I'll go take my two hours shower then," Indianna said sarcastically.

"If you're not out in ten minutes I'll come in there myself," Greyson warned and Indianna couldn't help but smirk.

"I'll leave it unlocked then," she teased and walked into the bathroom, smiling when she heard Greyson's laugh.

It all suddenly dawned on Indianna as she showered. Tomorrow was the day. Rogue- her brother, was going to die. And she could do nothing about it. All of this, all of the drama and chaos that had happened was going to be over.

But her brother was going to be dead.

Indianna sighed loudly and shook her head. She had to forget about it. Rogue was a monster, he deserved to die...


"Stop it!" Indianna told herself and distracted herself with washing her hair. She was going to make it her mission to forget about Rogue until tomorrow.

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