Chapter 21

           I looked down at the living room from the stairs only to find my mom viciously making out with Mike Coxhard. It wasn’t such a surprise to see my mom making out with some guy on the couch. What was surprising was that the fact that they’ve been together for a whole week and she still hasn’t dumped him.

          I stepped downstairs purposely to interrupt their little moment. I heard low moaning sounds as soon as I got to the bottom.

I sighed and cleared my throat, “Hey mom, how’d your New Year’s go?” I called out obnoxiously loudly. I tried to keep a straight face.

Her head snapped up and I saw her roll her eyes as if saying: ‘what now?’ Mike didn’t respond to me probably because he was still staring at my mom with perverted eyes.

My mom pushed him away and sat up from the couch with only her over sized T-shirt. “Bianca,” my mom said through her gritted teeth, “Shouldn’t you be at somewhere right now?”

Great, I’m not even wanted in my own house. “Right,” I rolled my eyes and walked outside, slamming the front door behind me.

From Alexander’s P.O.V


Finn’s place is very nice, even though he rent it from some American; it made one of the best places I’ve stayed in the last century. To avoid people finding me, I had to move every couple of months. It seems that Finn had many friends, both angels and demons. They seem welcoming so for the first time ever, I was willing to answer their questions about me.

It seems that Finn is currently dating the mortal girl I saved from the demons a few weeks ago. She was the last in the Aerione family which is the main reason why I stayed here to give a hand for her protection.

“Hey!” I stepped out of my room and walked towards Finn in his room. The door was wide open and I went to sit on his chair.

“Morning, Alex,” he greeted me and grabbed his leather jacket from his closet, “let’s go downstairs.” He picked up his phone from the charger and stood outside the room, waiting for me. I got up and headed downstairs with him.

We joined Zack on the kitchen table, he was having cereal and blueberry pies. “Sandra coming today?” Finn sat down across from Zack and asked.

He stopped stuffing pie in his mouth and gulped down a full cup of water before answering: “of course she’s coming, I texted her to meet me here.”

“Oh” Finn reached out to a plate full of chocolate brownies when his phone rang a nice tone of bells. He reached back and pulled it out. Zack waved me over to sit with them.

I walked quietly over to Finn’s side and sat down beside him.

“It’s from Bianca,” Finn announced, “he scrolled down on his blackberry and smiled “she got kicked out of her house again.”

“Again?” Zack laughed.

I’ve heard about this before, Bianca’s mom ask out rich guys to be her boyfriend so she can ask them to buy whatever she’s selling.

“Yeah,” Finn answered, his smile widened, “she asked if she can join whatever we’re doing today.”

“Let her,” Zack picked up his fork again and started working on the last piece of the pie.

“Yup,” Finn pressed send on his phone and continued: “she’s on her way.”

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