Chapter 7

Tyler walked up to the huge wooden doors in the front of the mansion. He knocked and heard the sound echo through the empty rooms. “Just a sec!” a voice yelled.

Finn opened the door….. In his towel. Tyler barged in the mansion and asked angrily at Finn: “Where is she?”

“Sure, Tyler, of course I’m going to invite you in” said Finn sarcastically.

Tyler ignored him and asked again, “Where is she?” When his eyes finally landed on Finn after searching the house for Bianca, Tyler added,“Do you ever put clothes on when you answer the door?”

“It’s not my fault that people knock on the door right after I get out of the shower.” Finn replied.

“Where is she?” Tyler asked for the third time, “You know I don’t like to play games so…….just tell me where she is.”

“Where is who?” Finn asked Tyler.

“You know who.”

“What are you talking about?”

Tyler signed heavily and said, “Bianca! We’re talking about Bianca!”

“What about her?” Finn asked and went to sit on his arm chair.

Tyler’s expression softened, “She’s missing.” He said quietly as he strolled to the living room and sat on the couch. “I can’t find her anywhere!”

“You mean she just disappeared?”

“She’s gone and I can’t tell where she is.” Tyler said nervously,he looked up pleadingly at Finn and added: “We need to look for her.”

“WE? WE need to look for her?! Last time I checked, you were her GUARDIAN angel!” Finn exclaimed. “WHY weren’t you with her?”

“She went for a sleepover at Sandra’s house, I thought she would be ok for a night.” Tyler explained.

“Well, you thought wrong!” Finn yelled.

“I’m sorry,” Tyler apologized, “I still need your help….”

“WHY? I thought all guardian angels have some sort of radar that tells you the location of whoever you’re suppose to guard,” said Finn.

“I think she was kidnapped,” Tyler whispered as he stared at the floor, he suddenly raised his head to look at Finn, “The radar is called guardian watch, it’s been moving all around the country….. I think someone supernatural is messing it up so that we can’t locate her.”

Finn took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. Tyler squirmed on his seat, “Can you put some clothes on? You’re making me a bit uncomfortable…..”

Finn looked at himself and smiled apologetically to Tyler, “waited here,” he ordered as he jogged up the long staircase, two stairs at a time.

Tyler lounged on his seat as Finn disappeared around the corner. “Where is she?” he muttered quietly to his self.

Finn hurried back in black jeans, a forest green T-shirt and muddy converse. “Lets go look for Bianca,” said Finn as he walked to the front door.

Before Finn could lay his fingers on the door knob, Jake and uncle Sebastian entered the living room from the back yard.

“Who are they?” Tyler asked as he stood up and posed defensively at the Jake and Sebastian.

“This is my uncle, Sebastian and my friend, Jake.” Finn introduced while walking back to the living room.

Tyler held his position and stared suspicious at the two. It looks like it’s raining out side, both of them had raindrops on their hair and their jackets were wet.

“Sebastian, Jake, this is Bianca’s guardian angel, Tyler.” Continued Finn.

Tyler looked at Finn uneasily, “Don’t tell everyone about our world!” he whispered.

“No worries,” assured Finn, “They’re demons.”

Tyler’s gave up his position and sat down on the couch again, “That explains the weird feeling I’m getting.”

Finn turned to Sebastian and said: “Bianca’s missing.”

“She’s WHAT?” Sebastian shouted, “She’s the last one! If you two don’t find her……”

“YES, we know!” Finn said, cutting his uncle off. “Don’t worry, we’ll find her.” He turned to face Tyler, who is still sitting on the couch looking depressed, “Come on! We gotta go!”

“Wait! Finn, I need to talk to you alone for a bit!” said Jake, who had been staring at Tyler the whole time, “Come on! It would only take a sec!”

Jake grabbed Finn by his arm and lured him to the back yard.

Behind the big oak tree in the garden, Jake finally spoke: “Look Finn, I’ve been watching that guardian kid for a while, he’s still pretty young and this may be even his first job, guarding the Aerionne descendant. I can tell he is very powerful, he just hasn’t figured it out yet. This whole disappearing thing might just be a trap; you know how the angels want to destroy all the half-breeds so they’re the only ones who can enter heaven!”

Finn looked at Jake for a long moment and nodded, “I’ll be careful, I’m going to let him take the risks.” He glanced one last time at Jake and started walking to the front, “We’ll keep in touch!”

“Lets take my car,” Finn suggested as he and Tyler met again in the living room. “We can drive to the airport and follow your radar thing from there.”

They walked to Finn’s car and Finn pulled his keys out and sat in the driver’s seat. He started the engine while Tyler sat on the passenger’s seat.

“Cool ride.” Tyler said.

Finn had a red 2010 Porsche Carrera. “Thanks,” said Finn as he pulled out of the driveway, “Do you know where she is now?”

Tyler concentrated for a bit and answered: “I think she just got to Los Vegas.”

“Shit….” Finn muttered, “That’s all the way across the country.” A long stream of swear words left his mouth.

“Then I guess we should drive faster,” suggested Tyler.

“Well, at least one good thing comes out of this mess.” Finn pointed out.

“What would that be?” asked Tyler.

“VEGAS, baby!”

When Finn and Tyler finally landed in Los Vegas, Tyler checked their IDs and frowned, “Fabio Dexton,” Tyler read the ID Finn had just made for him; it looked exactly the same with a real one except the photo is a bit blurry. “Fabio Sexton? Is this the best fake name you can come up with?” Tyler then grabbed Finn’s ID, “Angus Mcbeefstick? Looks like I’ve expected a little too much from you.”

Finn and Tyler stepped out of the car and headed towards ‘Red Stilettos’ there was a bald man covered in tattoos waiting in front of the club to check IDs, Finn had convinced Tyler that they should have some fun in Vegas first.

“IDs?” The man asked gruffly.

Finn and Tyler handed him the fake IDs to him and the man let them in after studying them for a little while.

“Should we go get a drink or go right to the dancers?” Finn asked Tyler playfully.

Tyler yawned at him in return. “All right! The strip dancers first!” decided Finn.

Finn dragged Tyler to a seat near the front and went to get some beer, when he came back, he found Tyler staring blankly at one of the dancers. Finn was about to ask him when Tyler pointed at the stage. Finn followed his fingers and saw a girl, she looked familiar. Finn stumbled to the front row and his eyes widened in shock, “Isn’t that Bianca?”

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