Chapter 1 (pilot)

I struggled to keep my eyes open during Mr.Hemmerson’s first period science class, but I fell asleep anyways.

“Wake up. Bianca, wake up!” Tyler whispered in my ear.

“What?” I grumbled.

“Mr.Hemmerson is going to see you sleeping! He’ll give you detention!” exclaimed Sandra.

I met Tyler and Sandra in second grade and we’ve been friends ever since. Tyler Hawkins had shaggy dark brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a forest green t-shirt and baggy jeans. Sandra Jones had curly blond hair and hazel eyes. Her wardrobe consisted of short skirts and tank tops, like what she was wearing right now.

“Today, we are going to stop our lesson a few minutes early,” Mr.Hemmerson announced, “because we are getting a new student.”

Then, the door burst open and in walked the hottest guy I have ever seen. He had short hair, which was a perfect mix of brown and blond.

“This is our new student, Finn Wesley. Finn, you can sit at the desk right in front of Bianca,” said Mr.Hemmerson, pointing my direction. Finn nodded and carried his backpack to the desk in front of me.

“He is soooooo hot!” Sandra squealed.

Finn turned around in his chair to face us. He looked at Sandra and gave her a smirk. Then, he winked at me before turning back around to face Mr.Hemmerson.

“Oh my god, he just winked at you! He’s totally into you, Bianca!” exclaimed Sandra.

“No, he is not,” I replied, even though I secretly wanted him to.

“You should ask him out,” Sandra said.

“But I already have a boy friend,” I told Sandra.

“You mean Ryan Rekson ?” asked Sandra, “He’s a douche!” You should break up with him.”

“Sandra’s right,” Tyler agreed. “Ryan isn’t known as the best boyfriend in school. Besides, yesterday I saw him making out with another chick in the boy’s bathroom.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!” I exclaimed.

“I don’t know. I guess it just slippedout of my mind,” Tyler explained sheepishly.

I signed heavily. “you guys are right. I need to break up with Ryan.”

Then the bell rang.

The next day, Ryan wasn’t at our usual meeting spot. I signed heavily. He’s always late.

10 minutes later, I see Ryan with his group of friends that all happen to be on the football team. He sees me standing by the big oak tree, were we usually meet.

He turns to his friends and whispers something in their ears, when they left, Ryan walked over and says: “Hey babe, waz up?”

“Ryan, I think we need to…” I trailed off. Because Sienna, the head cheerleader comes up to us as if nothing is happening. As if I’m not even here.

“Hey Ryan, are we still on for tonight?” asked Sienna seductively.

I looked at Ryan, folding my arms.

“Bianca, I have no idea what she is talking about!” yelled Ryan.

“You asked me out to dinner and a movie, remember? I even booked the motel room like you told me to,” Sienna explained, mystified.

“no no you don’t know what you’re talking about I…” Ryan tried to explain.

“Ryan, Tyler told me about what you were doing in the boy’s bathroom with Sienna yesterday! We’re OVER!” I screamed cutting him off.

“Bianca, I swear I didn’t….” explained Ryan

“We’re done!”I interrupted as I stormed off.

“You will regret this day Bianca! Who do you think you are? Breaking up with the most popular guy at school.” Ryan shouted behind me.

I stopped and whispered to myself: “make me regret.”

I couldn’t help it as tears fell down on my cheeks as I walked aimlessly across the soccer field. Then suddenly, I bumped into someone’s chest. I looked up and saw Finn standing in front of me.

“Hey there beautiful, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Wh..what do you m..mean?” I mumbled.

“Are you okay?” he continued.

“I’m fine, I’m just f..fine, leave me alone!” I answered.

“Do you need a ride?” Finn asked again.

“No! I said leave me alone!” I shouted at him and walked away. JEEZ

I got home 10 minutes later. I pushed opened the door and saw my mom sobbing on the couch. Is she on her period again? My mom gets mood swings very often. One day she’s all happy and excited, and the next thing you know she’s crying her eyes out. “Mom?” I called out.

“Come here Bianca,” my mom told me, “look, don’t take this too hard but, your dad just died a week ago, the police found his body hidden in a truck trunk….” She sobbed.

I had really no connection with my dad, we barely talked about him and my mom had hid all his pictures in her room so I couldn’t see him and blame him for leaving my mom. All I knew was that my parents had a huge fight when I was two months old and left home. My mom had wished him to come back, but he never did, not even for me.

“It’s okay mom” I patted her on the back, “we didn’t need him for all these years and we don’t need him now.”


This a new story some of my friends tried out and wanted me to publish it.

I'm really sorry if it's short...looked pretty long on word...anyways hope you enjoy it and i would love some feedback from you!

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