Chapter 15

I woke up next to Finn with his solid grip around me. He was still asleep. I looked up at the clock on the wall and noticed it was still in the afternoon. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side when my lips accidently brushed over Finn’s cheek. Oh my god! Please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up....

Finn still woke up. Well, he woke up enough to treat me as one of his girlfriends and kiss me back. When our face broke apart, Finn looked at me with confusion in his eyes. He realized what just happened and a grin crept onto his face.

“Bianca.” He whispered while I tried to break him firm grip.

“Let me get out!” I told him. He shook his head and held me closer. Now our position can be mistaken in many different ways.

At this perfect timing, Tyler pushed open the door and asked: “Hey Finn, do you have-?” Tyler looked up in his boxers and saw me and Finn on the bed. His eyes darted back and forth between us.

As if he just noticed Tyler, Finn turned his head slightly away from mine and responded: “Hey man.”

Tyler stared at us for a long time. I tried to break out of Finn’s arms again, when that failed, I hid my face in Finn’s chest not looking at Tyler by the door.

Tyler finally managed to speak again, he stepped back out of the door and asked quietly: “Bianca? Really? With Finn?”

I clutched closer to Finn, scared that Tyler might overreact.

Finn smiled at Tyler in return, not saying anything while ignoring the anger and jealousy flashing in his eyes.

Tyler stormed out of Finn’s room.

“Hey! Close the door!” Finn yelled behind him. The door slammed shut.

“So, where were we?” Finn asked huskily.  He started pulling me on top of him.

“Finn, stop.” I said forcefully. I punched him in the stomach as hard as I could, knowing it wouldn’t hurt him.

Finn looked at the spot on his chiseled abs where I hit him. Wow, he looked photo-shopped.  “Was that supposed to hurt?” he raised an eyebrow at me.

“Finn, I’m serious.”

“Fine,” he said and rolled his eyes. He placed me gently on the bed and climbed off the bed. He headed towards his bathroom.

I stood up from the bed and massaged my arms where Finn grabbed me for more than 2 hours. I took out my cell phone and dialed home.

“Hello?” I asked when someone picked up from the other side.

“Bianca? Honey?” my mom asked.

“Hey mom, can I come home now?” I asked.

“Oh, me and Harree are kind of busy right now.” Mom replied.

“Then when can I come back?” I heard grunting noises in the background.

“I was sort of hoping you could stay at your friend’s place for maybe until midnight.” My mom suggested.

“What-?” I tried to talk back but my mom cut me off.

“Thanks soooo much sweetie, it means the world to me!” my mom hung up.

I sighed heavily. This happens almost every week since my mom got her new job after my dad passed away.

I walked downstairs and saw Zack sitting at the kitchen table. He was about to start a new lemon pie.

“Want some pie? I just bought it from the store!” Zack offered.

“Sure.” I sat down across from him. He got up and got me a plate, placed a piece on top and handed to me along with a fork. I took it and put it in front of me.

“So what happened with Tyler? He looked pretty upset when he came down.” Zack asked. “Did Finn-?”

“No, nothing happened.” I replied.


“Where’s Finn?” Zack asked. “Is he taking a shower?”

I nodded in return. Zack suddenly fell back in his chair and started laughing. Before I could ask, we heard Finn shout from upstairs: “ZACK? DID YOU PUT HONEY IN MY SHAMPOO AGAIN?”

Zack laughed even harder. I sighed, Finn did mention to me once that Zack was a prankster; I just never thought that he did it on a daily basis. I made Zack focus again and asked him seriously: “I have a little project in mind, and I need help.”

Zack’s face turned serious and said: “Don’t tell me it’s something dangerous, Finn will rip me apart!”

“Relax!” I said, “It’s nothing risky.”

I decided to steal Michael’s car. Just a little payback for him dragging me to LA. Zack, of course tried everything in the world to stop me from doing it...... until I found out that I was the key to the one thing he wanted most. Remember before I told him my idea, I asked what he wanted in return for helping me. His response, to my surprise, is a date with Sandra. Since Sandra is my best friend and Zack was too shy to ask her out, the only way he would get his date was through me. HAHA.

Zack helped me track down Michael’s black van, even though he was still constantly shivering to the thought of Finn ripping him apart. I guess Zack really liked Sandra.....

We found out where Michael parked his van, it was pretty close to Amityville, only an hour away from the town. We quickly left the house when Finn was taking a shower and Tyler locked in his guest room. Zack called for a cab and we left for the van. Zack kept on bribing me on the way. He tried everything to make me change my mind. He even offered to take a trip to heaven and hell with me. When that didn’t work, he started using money and pies to persuade me.

“Cut it off Zack, I’ll never change my mind.” I said for the hundredth time. “If you want your date, you’re coming with me.”

Zack’s eyes suddenly turned steamy, he looked right at me with puppy eyes. I looked away at the window, I had to admit, he was good at making sad faces.

“PLEASE?” Zack whispered.

“Um...”I tried to say no, but somehow I almost said yes. I bit my lip and covered my mouth with my hand so I wouldn’t change my mind.

Zack Gave up a few minutes later and let out a heavy sigh. “Fine, if we’re really doing this, let’s do it right!!”

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