Chapter 14

After school, I walked home by myself. “Mom, I’m home-,”I stopped half way at my door when I saw some fat guy with a bald head on the couch with my mom lying on top of him, giggling like crazy.

“You like that, don’t you?” I heard my mom whisper. “Ohhh, oui, oui.” A voice replied. I was about to take another step when my mom’s head suddenly snapped up towards me.

I smiled awkwardly. My mom quickly climbs off her latest customer and greets me with a warm smile. Thank god they haven’t moved the R-rated phase yet, everyone were still fully dressed.

“Bianca, may I talk to you in the kitchen?” asked mom.

“Um... yeah, sure I guess.” I followed her into the kitchen.

“I’ll offer you $20 for not hearing or seeing anything until Harree and I finish our business.” Mom started. So now she’s going to be bribe me? Hmm...

“I did accidently picked up a few words you said ...” I said.

My mom sighed. “Since it’s almost Christmas, I guess... I can un-ground you.” My mom looked towards the living room, “I just need some time alone to work with Harree.”

I stifled a laugh after she said Harree. Seriously? What kind of name is that? “Harry?” I tried

“It’z Harree!!” Harree shouted from the living room.

My mom looked at me uneasily, “yes, his name is Harree. Harree P.Nezz.”

I burst out laughing.

My mom raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. “What’s so funny?”

“No... It’s...Nothing....” I coughed between laughs.

My mom sighed, “if you want to be un-grounded and get the money, then give us some time to work.”

“sorry,” I muttered, still trying to control my giggles.

I walked out of the kitchen and passed Harree at his couch. I smiled politely: “bye, Harry!”

His face turned bright red and literally saw smoke coming out of his ears. “It’z HARREE!!” he yelled behind me.

“Whatever.” I replied. I heard my mom apologize to Harree for me.

Harree was just another customer of my mom’s. She would make him all happy, he’ll buy her insanely expensive stuff, and she’ll dump him. End of story.

Oh well, at least he was better than last week’s customer. It was some 60 year old pedophile named Alexjandro that seemed to have more interest in me than my mom. Ugh.

I shuddered at the thought of my mom’s perverted boyfriends. I ran upstairs to my room and called Finn. Tyler was still at his place...

“MmHmm?” someone answered sleepily at the other end.

“Hey Finn, are you busy?” I asked, “My mom kinda kicked me out of the house for a couple of hours, can I come?”

“You can come over anytime, baby.” Finn yawned.

Did he just call me baby? Eww, why does that remind me of Alexjandro? I shuddered again.

“Um... okay, I’ll be there in a few.” I said and hung up.

I ran downstairs as fast I can, not looking in the living room in case my mom and Harree decided to continue their make-out session. I slammed the door behind me. I heard Harree shout behind me: “Lez get started!”

Wow, was it just me or does his accent sound more fake every time??

I arrived at Finn’s place a few minutes later. His mansion was all covered in snow. It looked even nicer than I saw it last time, like an ice castle. I rang the door bell several times and waited. No one answered. I twisted the doorknob to see if it’s locked, to my surprise it was open. I tiptoed inside and shut the door quietly behind me. “Finn, are you there?” I called. I looked around the empty living room, the decorations changed a bit in celebration of Christmas. I wandered around the mansion until I saw Finn asleep on his bed upstairs. Aww, he’s cute when he’s asleep.

I took a few steps closer to him, “Maybe I’ll come back later when you wake up.” I whispered even though he probably didn’t hear me. I started to walk away. Then, someone grabbed me lightly on my wrist.

“Come. Sleep with me.” Finn mumbled. Without any notice, he pulled me on the bed beside him and wrapped an arm around me. His chest was comfy and warm, which made a nice pillow.

His breathing steadied and he fell asleep. I could tell that Finn was really tired.

I wasn’t sleepy, but Finn had his arms locked around me. I couldn’t move at all. I looked around his room lying down. I didn’t notice this before, but he had shelves that are attached to the wall where he put some of his supernatural things. I can see an old stone dagger with a big bright red crystal on its hilt. There was also a piece of old leather paper folded to a square beside the dagger.

I felt Finn shifted beside me. I turned to face him and he was only wearing a T-shirt and jeans. What? A T-shirt to sleep in winter? Without any blankets? I patted on the bed searching for covers. I saw one on the end of the bed and reached towards it. I pulled the blanket over us up to our neck. 

I grabbed a pile of newspaper from the bedside table and started reading. I turned the pages. There were stories about missing people, car accidents and political events. As I turned to the middle pages, another file of newspaper fell out. This time the papers are printed in a language I can’t recognize. It was probably from his world. On the front page, there was a picture of a strange man. It was a long-shot and I couldn’t see what he was wearing because it was really blurry too. The stranger was wearing a mask on his face. Wait.... How come that mask looks familiar? Hmm... I definitely saw it before. Finn shifted again. I put the papers back and laid down closer to him. I don’t know how but I somehow fell asleep. It felt nice next to him

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