I got home from school today and hesitated at the front door to decide whether if I should walk in the house or not. From the big glass window and through the wooden block frames, I saw two people lying on the couch. It was my mom and Mike.

I stepped back off the porch and turned to go in from the side doors. I pushed it open and got inside. From there, I went up the stairs quietly so no one would see me. School was pretty smooth over the last few weeks with Finn in most of my classes with me. Zack had joined school and "requested" to be with Sandra in all her classes. It was pretty cool actually, seeing Zack compel the office lady-Ms. Hensley. He looked at her right in the eye and just said a few words in some weird language, and Ms. Hensley immediately handed him a completely different schedule.

I went in my room, dropped my bag on the floor near the door and went to sit on my chair. I flipped open this book that we had to read for English and started reading from the first chapter. I flipped through at least 3 chapters before falling asleep on the table.

It was a loud giggling sound that woke me up at night. I opened my door just a bit to peak at what was happening. My mom and Mike were coming upstairs and mike was tickling her with a big creepy smile on his face. My mom was leaning against him and laughing like crazy. I sighed and shut the door lightly. When are they ever breaking up?


I woke up the next morning from a horrible ring tone. I picked up the phone from on top of my nightstand and held it to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked. I sounded really tired.

"Happy Valentine's day, Bianca!" it was Finn.

"Today is Valentine's day?" I did a mental check of dates in my head. This week was the third week into February and..... "Right it is!"

Finn chuckled and asked "We're going to a special place today; I'll come and pick you up in 40 minutes, okay?"

"Sure." I hung up and fell back onto my soft pillow. I checked my text messages from last night and there was one from Tyler: "What R U doing TMR?" it read.

I texted back to him and got up from my bed. I went to the bathroom and took a shower before slipping in my white sweater and jeans.

I stuck my phone in my pocket and made my way downstairs.

"Hey Bianca." Someone called from behind husky.

I turned around and saw Finn in his signature leather jacket and navy blue jeans.

"How did you get in here?" I asked curiously, "did you break my door knob?"

"No, I didn't break anything." He smiled. "Some guy with an unibrow let me in and asked if I was here for the threesome, I said no."

"But he let you in anyway?" I was kinda mad at Mike now, letting people in the house randomly.

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