Chapter 8

Tyler’s jaw dropped open.” What the hell is Bianca doing on stage?” Tyler asked Finn as he walked up to the front row. “Holy shit, she looks so hot!” whispered Finn. Tyler glared at him, and he just shrugged. Tyler sighed and agrees,” yeah, she does.” “Wow that would be the first time we agreed to each other!” Finn smirked.

“We have to get her off the stage so we can talk to her.” Said Tyler while he quickly looked around the room, “Besides, I don’t see anything supernatural here.”

“Come on dude, she’s busy” replied Finn, who was still staring at Bianca. “Let her finish her dance!”

“”I’m going to get a drink at the bar, you coming?” asked Tyler.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec!” answered Finn, who tried not to let his eyes leave the stage. “Go get me a shot of whisky!”

Tyler signed and shook his head, “whatever you say.” He added as he left.


I only remember when Michael barged into my prison room one time and carried me with my chair to another room in inhuman speed. He placed me beside a black van and ordered some demon guy to tie me in the van. The stranger untied me and led me in the van; it was huge inside even though it looked small from the outside. He handcuffed me and made me sit in one of the back seats. The windows were coated with one of those black shade things and the seats were leather. The demon guy then made me smell something from the plastic container I saw outside of Sandra’s place and that was when I drifted to sleep.

The next time I woke up was in front of a big bar. I looked around and found myself still in the black van, Michael was in the passenger’s seat with a driver. The seats around me were filled with strangers. They all stared at me cautiously when they saw me opening my eyes. Michael turned and smiled at me, “Welcome to Las Vegas Bianca! This is where we will be staying to wait for your pathetic boyfriend to come and save you. From now on, you will do whatever I tell you to do and if you try to escape, don’t forget the fact that I know where you and your mom live.”

Since, that day, I’ve been working as a dancer…. NOT A  STRIP DANCER in here. Believe me, its not as easy as it sounds. Michael had told me to make at least 200 dollars for him everyday so I barely had time to rest.

It was only 2 days when I noticed Finn and Tyler in the audience watching my afternoon show. Today, I wore a short black dress, 6 inches high heels and a red and black strip shirt. Michael had forced me to tell my mom that I will be staying at Sandra’s place for a little while over the phone. I had no idea how he got my mom’s cell phone number but……I bit my lip when I saw them pointing at me, Michael had told me not to go straight to them when they appear and not to talk to them unless they talk to me first. I looked at the floor and kept dancing, hoping they would leave.

15 minutes later, I finished my dance and rushed to the bar counter to see Tyler watching football on TV sipping his martini. I walked to the bartender and told him to get me a beer. He rolled his eyes and walked to the little fridge. Attitude much? While I waited, I saw Finn walking towards Tyler. I got my beer and went to sit beside Tyler.

“So, are you really Bianca? Um... You look different today.” It was Finn who broke the awkward silence.

“I am who I was a week ago.” I sighed. "just wearing things that i'll never wear again.

Tyler put a hand on Finn’s shoulder and shook him playfully, “I guess we found her!”

“Are you okay?” Finn asked me, and shot a serious look at Tyler.

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