Chapter 22

School started again only a few weeks ago and I’ve realized class only get harder. After a whole day of hard work, I woke up this morning and went to take a shower. I got dressed and walked out of my room as I heard low moaning noises coming out of my mom’s bedroom. Oh who is it this time? Mike Coxhard? Luckily, the door was shut and I couldn’t see anything. I assume that I’m supposed to be somewhere again for the entire day so that they can have more alone time together......

I went downstairs and grabbed my cell phone off the kitchen counter and headed over to Finn’s place.  I haven’t went there since the pool hall double date, which was more than a week ago. At that time, the decorations for the winter party was still on, but now everything is back to normal. I climbed up the stairs to the porch and noticed the handrails were repainted white this time, matching the gray stone mansion.

I rapped lightly on the door waiting for Finn to answer. Only a few minutes later, Finn opened the door from the inside and gestured for me to go in. He wore a white sports T-shirt and black jeans with running shoes.

“Bianca, I’m so glad you’re alright!” Finn breathed as I stepped in. He Wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

Finn pulled back from the hug and let out a long breath in relief. His face was brooding and full of worry and anxiety. “there’s something I need to show you.”

I let Finn drag me through the living room until we reached an office at the back of the mansion. I sat me down a leather couch and went over to a table beside the bookshelf. He came back with a file of newspaper and handed it to me. “Look at these; they’re from this week and last week.”

He pointed at the first headline for me to see. “Serial killer on the loose?” the title caught my interest and I kept going, “Unknown man went on a killing spree in the northern Amityville area.” The picture was unclear but I can still see a man who stood in the back with a gun in their hand. Their face was turned to the other side and we can only see the back of his jacket. I glanced up at Finn.

He flipped to the second sheet and said: “look, there’s more, from this week.”

“Gunman at busy train station.” I read, “Killing more than 200 travelers and workers...”

“Are you telling me they’re the same person?” I asked Finn. He smiled and sat down beside me, handing me another sheet of newspaper. “Look at the mysterious killer’s close-up picture, you might recognize him.”

 I studied closely at the page, it was taken from a long distance and zoomed in so people can see. From the blurry photo, the face looked awfully familiar. It was.... Michael.

“Isn’t he-“I asked Finn.

“Michael? Yeah, that’s him.” He responded calmly.

“Then why is he-“I asked again, staring at his picture.

“Killing people?” Finn cut me off again, “I don’t know.” He got up and paced around the room. 

“Are you planning on doing anything about this?” I asked.

“I don’t know yet, the worlds are supposed to send people to take care of this.....” he answered, “we’ll wait and see.”

The worlds included heaven and hell. The kings there are supposed to send guards and take care of whoever harmed the mortal world on purpose.

“Right now, you’ll just have to be more careful, “ Finn walked back to the couch and helped me get up.

Michael’s P.O.V.

I walked into an office building in downtown Amityville. There were security guards chatting around a table, two front desk assistances checking this person’s ID..... the police are probably trying to track me down by now, but that didn’t worry me at all. I usually just do the killing, run a couple of blocks away and disappear. Besides, what could those petty humans do to me anyways? Shoot me?

I smiled to myself.

For the past few days, I’ve been staying in downtown Amityville, focusing on the important train stations, shopping malls and concert halls. Schools used to be on the list but I decided to cross it out, I can’t be TOO mean, right?

By the way, I’m not just some heartless S.O.B. who murders people for recreation... Alright, I admit, I am heartless, but I don’t just hurt innocent mortal to kill time, there is an actual reason why I ‘m doing this.

I want to be the new king of hell after the stupid fat demon who took over more than 400 years ago.

Shut up! Stop yelling at me about the whole being kind and caring thing, I’ve made my decision and nothing will change it.

Anyways, I heard from this demon, who heard from his angel friend, who heard from his girlfriend, who heard from their teacher, who heard from another angel, who heard from a demon, who works at ....... alright, you get my point...... the thing is, legend has it, that king of hell is actually easy to become. First, you’ll have a demon, like 100% demon. Second, you’ll have to send enough mortal spirits to hell--- or kill enough bad people who deserved to go to hell. When you have enough, you’ll receive this weird weapon that you will eventually use to kill the current king to take over the throne. Blah blah blah.

Since I’m too lazy to stalk everyone in town and find out who is actually evil, I decided to just kill random people and some of them will count for the final number, while all the rest become useless sacrifices. (I’m brilliant coming up with this idea.)

I was going to start with bigger cities like Chicago, New York or Philadelphia, but I wanted to bring my surprise to Amityville first just to creep Finn out. He would be all protective-Eeee over his girlfriend and me creeping around will just drive him nuts! HAHA.

I went all the way up to the top floor of the building just to over look the city line. I walked all the way to the edge of the big glass windows and searched for my next killing spot. Underneath, I saw police cars driving around and police talking with random people on the street.... probably to ask if they knew “the gunman.” Stupid humans, trying to drag the future king of hell to jail..... Good luck with that.

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