Chapter 27

The next day at school, Sandra shoved a note in my hand and walked away quickly with Zack. I opened the crumbled piece of paper and read it in my head.

“Ryan is on a break with Sienna, this is the only chance.”

I sighed and dragged myself to the football court outside, knowing Ryan would be there. “Hey Ryan,” I cooed, walking up to him.

He scowled, “What do you want?”

“I’ve just realized that breaking up with you was the biggest mistake I’ve made in my life,” I said through gritted teeth, but keeping my voice as sweet as possible. I hate this. I hate Ryan.

“So you wanna get back together, huh?”

I wanted to roll my eyes, didn’t I just say that? But instead, I smiled sweetly and went to take his arm, swinging it back and forth, “Of course.”

“Fine, but I’m not doing this because I like you or anything, I just hate being single.”

“Whatever you want,” I acted even more disgusting now that out of the corner of my eye, Finn was walking towards us. I held Ryan’s sticky hand and interlocked our fingers together. God knows how many times I’m washing my hands tonight.

Finn was getting closer, so I turned us around and we hurried in the other direction, but it was no use because he quickly caught up to me and Ryan.

“Look Bianca, I’m sorry. And I really mean it.” Finn just looked at me with hope and guilt in his piercing blue eyes, “Please forgive me.”

I felt my heart breaking a little when he looked at me like that, but no, I couldn’t give up on Sandra’s plan. Not yet. “Excuse me,” I said pushing him away and dragging Ryan to my next class. I was clinging to him as if my life depended on it.

“Can you at least talk to me?” a low, pleading voice called from behind me. i instantly recognized it was Finn’s and walked faster.

Finn caught up to us again, this time he stood right in front of us, blocking our way. I looked up to give Ryan a sweet—not to mention—fake smile. Finn just stared and Ryan with anger and hatred in his eyes. I looked down at my shoes and hoped that none of the anger was directed to me as well.

In about 3 minutes of this, Finn eventually broke the awkward silence. First, he looked down at our hands, which were locked together. I even felt sweat on Ryan’s hand, he seems to be extra scared at this moment. Finn took a step back and eyed me thoughtfully. I quickly looked away, not daring to meet his gaze.

Finn turned around and walked away. I gave Ryan an apologetic smiled and said: “Sorry about that, he’s just upset.”

“He’s such a girl,” Ryan agreed, pulling his hand back from mine.

“Yeah, You’re way better that him,” I told him, but secretly laughing inside.

“That’s true.

On the next day of school, news spread that Finn and I were no longer together. It used to be just a rumor about an hour ago, but everyone was quickly convinced when Finn walked in the building after lunch with 3 girls by his side. Sienna, of course was one of them.

I was supposed to have more than half of my classes with Finn today, but he never showed up to any of them. So the only time I saw Finn was on my way to my last period class. He had a bunch of girls surrounding him, flirting like crazy. He flirted back to them as well.

There was something about Finn that wasn’t right. I didn’t know to explain but there was a major difference in when Finn was with me and how he is now. To everyone else Finn probably looked like the bad-boy player he is. But I knew him much better than that. It was almost as if he was.... dead on the inside. Like how his eyes never lit up when he laughed and his lips were pressed too tightly together when he smirked.

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