After school, I went to my locker and shoved all my homework in my backpack. “Great,” I thought to myself: “Detention with Ms.Hensly.”

As I strolled down the hall to the detention room, someone bumped me. I looked up and it was Sienna. I’m not in the mood to deal with anyone right now, especially Sienna, so I smiled as politely as I could. She stared an icy cold stare at me, which in meant to make you squirmy and uncomfortable, and that’s exactly how I felt. I stepped aside and kept walking as fast as I can. Behind me, I heard her fake cough and mutter: “slut.” I stopped dead in my tracks.

I turned around to face Sienna and asked her angrily, “what did you just say?”

“I didn’t say anything. I just coughed,” Sienna answered sweetly.

“Sure you did,” I replied sarcastically. Then, I spun around and kept walking.

“Whore!” Sienna yelled at me.

“What did you call me?” I stopped and asked with my back facing her. “A whore?”

“Yeah, I sure did.” Said Sienna quickly catching up to me, “a stupid, disgusting whore!”

I forced out a laugh, “says the bitch who’s dating Ryan AND Finn!” I snapped back at her.

Sienna grabbed me by my shirt and pushed me against a locker.

“Ryan and Finn both like me than they like you!” Sienna shouted. “I’m goanna date both of them at the same time and nobody will know!”

“Why the hell are you telling me this?” I asked.

“Because I want to make you jealous! I want to make you envy my love life!” Sienna explained sweetly. “I will make you cry your eyes out!”

“Are you….stoned?” I asked.

“No! “ Sienna answered in a high pitch voice and shoved against the locker again. (Hell this babe is strong….what do you feed her with?) “You’re a bitch!”

I leaned on the locker for a moment and took a deep breath. I glanced down the hall and saw Finn standing at the end of the hall with his arms crossed and his deep blue eyes staring directly at me, he must've saw what just happened. He noticed me watching him and turned around the corner.

Finn decided to ditch Sienna for tonight as he walked back to the old mansion his uncle had rented for them. When he pushed open the heavy wooden doors, he saw his friends sitting in a circle on the old carpet with his “beloved” uncle Sebastian. He glanced at his friends who still managed to find him after all these years. He signed and complained to his uncle: “the dark side again? Why can’t we ever invite someone from the bright side?”

“We all know you’re special boy, but angels do make us feel REALLY uncomfortable.” Uncle Sebastian answered with a grin, “I seriously can’t understand my dear brother, falling in love with an angel and having an annoying boy like you! Not to be biased but we demons are so much COOLER!”

“Shut up!” Finn stopped his uncle before he got too mad, he turned to his friends and asked:” so what brings guys here?”

“The most dangerous criminal who managed to escape from the death prison down in hell few years back, Michael had become the new leader of our enemies. They killed another Aerione!” Jake said seriously, “we can’t afford to have another family to disappear!”

Jake was in his human form—dark brown hair, black eyes simple black t- shirt and jeans. He looked about 20 years old even though he just celebrated his “who knows how many decades birthday”. Jake sat beside Torrance, who had curly blond hair and green eyes. He is maybe a century or so younger than Jake. “This is our last chance Finn, we’ve failed to keep the other two families alive and I think you know the consequences if we let this one die out!”

Finn nodded. He remembered from the books that passed down in the angel world, the first rule to prevent the war between angels and demons is to keep the first three families of mankind: the fosters, the castors and the aeriones safe. For ages, angels and some demons worked together to prevent the family blood lines from running out. Some demons however, hunted them down because their blood can give the killer endless power for eternity. This came the great treaty between man and god, god granted the three family members immunity to all supernatural powers so that demons can only kill them through human’s hands. Mankind gave back to god by worshipping him day and night.

“The victim is a 35-year old man, found dead in a truck trunk. His name is Dan Aerione. He was by himself with no family so I’m not sure if he had a descendant.” Said Luke, who’s another of Finn’s demon friends.

“Aerione family…. as in Bianca Aerione?” Finn whispered in shock.

“You know something about this? I knew it! I knew my dear nephew isn’t stupid after all these years!” exclaimed Uncle Sebastian in excitement.

“I’m not sure if the spelling is the same but… she’s in the high school.” Announced Finn to his friends. “I can that find out. If she is really the last one, she’s goanna need more protection.”

“Luke can go with you,” said Torrance, “he looks about the right age and he’s also powerful enough…..”

It was science class again when Finn walked in with another new student. He said his name was Luke and he just transferred here from another state. For some reason, he was really close with Finn and they did ALMOST everything together.

“What’s wrong, Tyler?”I asked for the 50th time in 10 minutes, Tyler had his eyes fixed on Luke for 15 minutes now and never looked anywhere else.

“No..Nothing, I’m fine.” Tyler turned his face towards me and answered without his eyes leaving Luke. His eyes then met Finn and widened in shock. Tyler kept on moving his eyes from Finn to Luke for the rest of the class.

When the bell rang, Tyler rushed out and caught up with Luke, who got out of class a few minutes early. “Who are you really? If you want power, you shouldn’t be thinking about the original families!” Tyler snapped at Luke while cornering him beside two walls outside of school.

Luke smiled at him with his eyes shimmering in excitement; he had thought it was just a young, naive and non-experienced guardian angel who sat beside the Aerione descendant in every class possible. Now, he changed his opinion toward this angel who managed to corner him in such a short time. He was already really powerful, maybe, maybe the most powerful out of all of Finn’s friends. It’s almost impossible for a regular angel to even notice his true form…..Hmm….looks like this kiddo is special.

“You got an answer for me or what?” asked Tyler as he pinned Luke harder to the wall.

“Oh, hey kiddo, I’m just walking by you know, you don’t need to worry about it.” Luke answered, “Look kid, I’m not looking for any trouble….”

Luke tried to leave, but Tyler grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him against the wall again. Luke became a little mad and with a sharp turn, he pinned Tyler against the wall instead. “Kid, relax, it’s okay, I’m one of the good guys, just here to help ya! But if you don’t keep the violence away from me, I WILL make you pay them back to me, understand?”

Luke lets go of Tyler, who retreated away from the wall, “fine, I’ll believe you for now.” 


Chapter 3 is out if this story goes well there's a lot more chapters to come out!!

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