Chapter 13

The only ticket to heaven in New York State is an old vending machine outside of Grand central station. Finn pressed 666 on the machine and waited. Uh it takes longer every time, remember back in the 40s when Finn made his last visit, it took no longer than 5 seconds….  But now? ……. The machine finally responded to the supernatural touch and printed out a piece of paper with “Welcome Back” printed on it. Finn sighed. It was his teacher—the old and powerful angel who came up with the “nice” greeting words. He said he’s going to be creative with it but….

With the paper, Finn made his way back in the station. Now, there is only one more procedure before arriving at the golden gates of heaven. Finn walked in the men’s room and locked himself in a stall. He flushed the piece of paper down the toilet and turned around to face the metal door. He closed his eyes and waited for the toilet to finish. Finn braced himself while remembering what his friends said about the toilet pathway to heaven getting renovated. He had a feeling that it’s now worse than before.

As soon as the toilet was done, Finn felt some force push through the metal door. He opened his eyes and saw the golden gates in front of him. Golden fences leading up to the guardian stands, where on-duty angels stood and guarded the gates. Human spirits lined up along the fences for their turn to enter heaven.

Finn got out his black and white wing and flew across the crowd to get to the second gate. Spirits looked up and pointed at him as he flew by.

At the second gate, Finn hid his wings and walked to the “supernatural” line up. This is where the actual security check is.

“Hey! Finn!” shouted one of the 2 guards as he walked closer “I thought I’ll never see you again until the next century!”

“Hey, Derek, “Finn said and stood in front of the guards so they can do their little supernatural check, “I came back to find answers.”

“Oh,” the guard named Derek answered as he signalled the other guard to stop the check-up. They moved out of the way and invited Finn inside. “Welcome home, my friend. Would you stay until I finish my shift so we can catch up a bit?”

“Sure.” Replied Finn. He was about to walk away when Derek called out again: ‘don’t forget to wear the ring! ¨

Finn stopped at his foot and carefully retreated back to thank Derek. Right! He completely forgot! Finn quickly pulled out his hero ring and put it around his index finger. Thank god he hasn’t actually set foot in heaven yet, without constantly wearing the ring, anyone non-angel creatures would be casted down to the human world automatically. It's a way to prevent invasion of demons.

Finn got out his wing again, there was still a long way to the division crossroads. When he got there, he went on the bridge leading to the immortal angel world on the left instead of the human spirit heaven on the right. After the immortal bridge, »Finn made his way straight to his teacher's home to find more information about the demon bullet. After about 10 minutes of flying, Finn landed and saw another angel patiently standing on the front porch.

¨Hey.¨ Finn greeted the mystery angel.

The angel nodded and waved shyly in return.

Finn was about to knock on the door when the mystery angel jumped between him and the door.

¨Don't! ¨ said the angel in a commanding, but quiet voice.

Finn stepped away from the door cautiously. “Why?”

 “Martin’s taking his afternoon nap right now,” the angel explained.


“Just listen.” Said the angel.

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