Chapter 28

It’s been a week since Finn and I got separated, meaning our cold war--- or Sandra and Finn’s cold war had lasted for about 5 days. Sandra had complete control over my actions in school, she had written down the places and time exactly where I had to hug, or kiss Ryan.

Right before the last period, I bumped into Finn in the hallway. He had his emotionless face on when he saw me, but there was a pleading and regret-filled sign in his eyes. I would have went up, apologize, and forgive him right away if Sienna wasn’t holding onto his arm like her life depended on it.

Finn stopped walking and stood right in front of me. Sienna grimaced and tugged on Finn’s sleeve, “Come on, Finny, let’s go.”

Finny? What kind of stupid nickname is that? Even Zacky-pooh was better than Finny.

“I don’t want to stand here and talk to the whore.” Sienna added, looking at me.

I gasped at her. Me? A whore? Look who’s talking? I did my best not to reach out and slap her across her face. I wanted to see Finn’s reaction. “Shut up! You slut!”

“Finny! You how rude she is! Let’s go!” Sienna whined. A small crowed of students surrounded us, watching as bystanders.

Finn stood his ground, a slight smile playing at his lips, as if watching us talk was the best show in the world.

Sienna reached out to slap me, but I ducked just in time. Whoa, I never thought my reflexes was THAT good. I sneaked a glance at Finn, his flat expression turned into one of curiosity and amusement.

Isn’t he going to do anything about this? Even defending Sienna would be better than nothing at all. At least I would know whose side he was really on.

“Come on finny! We gotta leave!” Sienna glanced at the end of the hall way, where a teacher is walking towards us.

Finn cocked his head to the side, examining me for a moment then moving on to Sienna; he wiped all of the expression off his face, but furrowed his eyebrows a bit.


“Yeah, Finny! Your bitch is talking to you,” I sneered. A few people in the back of the crowd left because the teacher is getting closer.

Finn curtly nodded once—to no one in particular- and walked away with Sienna in tow.


That evening, Sandra, Zack, and I had another one of our little meetings.

“So, the new plan is kind of working…” Sandra nodded to herself, “But he turned emotionless, which is not a good sigh.”

I sighed deeply, Sandra made assumptions of how Finn would react exactly after each of her little plans, but this time, it doesn’t seem to be working.

“Don’t worry Bianca, I know for a fact that Finn still has feelings for you.” Zack told me. “Positive feelings of love.” He clarified.

I shook my head, “no, he doesn’t.”

“Believe me, I’ve known him way longer than you have. Finn’s just like that when he’s jealous, yes he’s jealous. Are you two happy now?” Zack sighed, looking at Sandra’s face lighting up.

He turned to me and continued, “If you love him as much as he loves you—which I know for a fact that you do, then you two should just forgive and forget.” He advised.

Wow. That was probably the wisest thing I’ve ever heard from Zack.

Sandra thought about this for a minute. Then she waved Zack to go over to her, she whispered something in his ear and he nodded in agreement.

When she was done, Zack gave her an assuring smile and started walking towards the door, “Just leave it to me, I’ll do it tomorrow, as you wish,” he promised.

Sandra smiled sweetly and said: “Okay Zacky-pooh. I’ll wait for the good news!”

Zack left the room, shutting the door gently behind him, “What are you going to do?”  I asked, “Please don’t make me kiss Ryan again.” I pleaded.

“Oh, it nothing. We just thought maybe Finn needed some parental guidance, that’s all.”

“You are planning to tell his uncle?” I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to get an adult involved.

“Well, yes.” Sandra went to sit on her chair, “We need him to help pull Finn back from his little world and get back together with you.”

“And how exactly are you planning to pull him back?” I had a really bad feeling about this already.

“It’s confidential, for now anyways,” she shrugged.

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