The Lost God (On Hold) by ppps123
The Lost God (On Hold)by ppps123
Im not good with descriptions but ill give it a shot. Betrayed lied banished framed All of these things happened to Percy Jackson right before he was saved by a powerful...
  • hestia
  • bianca
  • chaos
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The True Child Of Chaos (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by nutsofthechest
The True Child Of Chaos (Percy nutsofthechest
This isn't your normal chaos story, what if Percy was a natural born son of chaos and adopted by her brother Order? Percy is born on another planet but is forced to go t...
  • mature
  • pjo
  • zoe
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bad baby : biadore by fueledby-memes
bad baby : biadoreby oh wow
Bianca is the school's baddie; Adore is the new girl in the school. FEMALE AU / HIGH SCHOOL AU
  • rdr
  • adoredelano
  • adore
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Backstage Season 3 by DaGreatLife
Backstage Season 3by DaGreatLife
This is my version of a backstage season 3. There will be drama, heartbreaks, and secrets. Follow on the adventure of these young and talented students. This story is ju...
  • wattys2018
  • backstagetv
  • keaton
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The Army of Chaos by ChasingWinds
The Army of Chaosby Sailor
~PREVIOUSLY KNOW AS "CHAOS' ARMY"~ He was betrayed. Hated. Cheated on. Shunned. Tortured. Disowned. Framed. Depressed. Who was this man? You may know him. He...
  • perzoe
  • comedy
  • fight
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Betrayed Son of the Sea (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Queen_Levana
Betrayed Son of the Sea (Percy Queen Levana
Percy's life is great, until one of his best friends betrays him.He decides to leave camp with his true friends and meets Chaos. What happens when they have to come back...
  • percy
  • lukecastellanlovestory
  • thaliagrace
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Elite (A Percy Jackson/Chaos Story) by Greenninjagal
Elite (A Percy Jackson/Chaos Story)by Sabrina Green
The Universe is in Danger. Everything is about to change. Two Primordials are about to go to war. The Board is set. The pawns are in place. The armies are preparing. A P...
  • michel
  • percabeth
  • bianca
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My Sister's Fiance [ON GOING] by khyrxxfaith
My Sister's Fiance [ON GOING]by Khy Ra🌹
My Sister's Fiance? ⚠️ SPG (R18+) ◀▷My Sister's Fiance◁▶ ⓒ 2017 All Rights Reserved Date Started: November 19,2017 Date End: Soon
  • luke
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Crazy Love (gabru) by hyunzyra
Crazy Love (gabru)by hyunzyra
Angel(gabbie) anghelo(ruru)
  • gabru
  • rurumadrid
  • kyline
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Son of Zeus by MYTHwriter1
Son of Zeusby mysterious-author
"Fanny thing Jackson" Luke said "that the one you trust the most betrayed you" '...he found a mirror. He seemed shocked (pun)' 'I, yet again, blushed...
  • nightshade
  • chase
  • angelo
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backstage season 3 by starrunner2526
backstage season 3by amp
follow the lives of keaton students as they pursue their dreams. ships: beckett and vanessa, miles and alya, jax and kit, aidan and scarlett some new characters, which...
  • teenfiction
  • art
  • dance
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The secret life of a slut by minaaah
The secret life of a slutby minaaah
we all know that one girl, that sleeps around, hooks up with everyone boyfriends, a total bitch. But sometimes there may be more to it than meets the eye. this is proven...
  • school
  • bianca
  • teen
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Percy Jackson: Assassin of Chaos by Owlheart75
Percy Jackson: Assassin of Chaosby Song of Falcon
When Drake, son of Poseidon, devotes his life to ruining Percy's, he leaves camp. But suddenly Chaos, creator of the universe, appears and asks him to be his assassin an...
  • fanfic
  • bianca
  • percy
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Percy Jackson Blessed by Hades by Dynamis_garmadon
Percy Jackson Blessed by Hadesby Dynamis_garmadon
Poseidon never comes to Percy's aid when he needs him. Hades finds him running and takes Percy into his care. He trains Percy with the greatest heroes in the underworld...
  • nico
  • hades
  • percyjackson
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Pokémon Black/White: Colour of Your Soul by RedPkmmMaster
Pokémon Black/White: Colour of
Hilbert was just an ordinary trainer who aspired to go on a journey. Alongside his friends and partner pokemon Hilbert explores the vast region of Unnova to complete the...
  • pokemonwhite
  • black
  • pokemonblack
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Henry Danger One Shots ✓ by summersuckle
Henry Danger One Shots ✓by -Z-
A collection of Henry Danger one shots. [Chenry...5 Benry.....1] closed
  • jasper
  • charlotte
  • henrydanger
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He Shall Return, The One That Lost It All, A Close Friend Of His Will Fall by England_From_Hetalia
He Shall Return, The One That England
When Percy is betrayed, he is granted immortality (which he didn't want, but they forced him to accept it anyways) and the ability to bring five people back from the dea...
  • betrayal
  • percyjackson
  • athena
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Pretty Boys Cry (Biadore) by _maythemonth
Pretty Boys Cry (Biadore)by MayIsAMonthAndMyName
Danny / Adore is depressed and shit and moved in with Roy and some stuff happens... I low-key just wrote about self destruction bc I'm fucked up DO NOT READ IF U GET TRI...
  • drag
  • race
  • courtney
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The Lost Goddess (Completed but sometimes I randomly update) by DaughterofHades1905
The Lost Goddess (Completed but Book Trash
The cover was made by @lawvica You want to know what this story is about? Welp, you came to the wrong place! Read to find out! July 25 Wednesday 2018 , 1:28 am #445 on...
  • bianca
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Mafia: A Percy Jackson fantastic by Ben10_fanboy
Mafia: A Percy Jackson fantasticby Ben10_fanboy
not sure what I will have happen might pull some parts from other stories and comebind it to mine don't be mad if I use some stuff from other books. They'll be similar b...
  • chaos
  • mafia
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