Poffin's ~ Diamond x Reader

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Requested by PikachuGamer145903, Enjoy! :3

Normal Pov

"Hey~! Y/N!" The Raven haired male called out, waving his hands while running towards you, as you exited the backstage of the contest you were just done with.

"Dia'!" You waved back and soon the male reached you, starting to compliment you;

"You were amazing in that contest! Of course, your Pokémon was too!" He grinned.

"Thanks!" You giggled, your cheeks gotten slightly pink.

You both then walked out of the contest stadium of Hearthome city.

"So when's your next contest?" Diamond asked cheerfully.

"I'll have one in two days" you replied, walking down the streets, just passing by the church.

"That gives me an idea! We can go make Poffin's for your Pokémon and ourselves!" The raven haired suggested excited.

Any available moment, Diamond would want to spend by eating with you or anything that had to do with food.

You didn't mind that, in fact, you thought it was cute every time he would act like that.

"Sure, why not~" you grinned back at him.

You two were even close to the Poffin house, Diamond had probably leaded you this way for that exact reason, not that it mattered, you entered the building.

The woman who was also keeper of this place, greeted you two kindly, like she always does, and showed you the way to a free table.

"Mh~ it always smells so good in here!" Diamond said relaxed, letting out his Munchlax of its Pokéball.

Meanwhile, you grabbed a recipe book of the shelf nearby and opened it on a random page as you sat on your chair, Diamond across you.

"Let's see.. what kind would you like to do today, Dia'?" You said, skimming the pages while Munchlax jumped onto the table, bringing a basket full of all kinds of berries and an empty bowl including the items you needed to smash the berries.

"It doesn't matter to me~ but since we haven't done sweet ones for a while, how 'bout them?" Diamond said, picking some Magost-, Nanab-, Pecha- and Bluk berries from the basket.

"Sounds good to me" you smiled and grabbed a few as well, not exactly looking precisely at which ones you picked.

You both then started smashing your own berries in separate bowls, you smashing a Nomel and Pecha berry.

After a good while of stirring, you started kneading your mixture until it got into the oval form you wanted it to be.

You made two, just to be sure.

"I'm done~!" You said relieved of having finished, glancing across the table where Diamond was, "How 'bout you Dia'?".

"Mines are ready too" Diamond grinned, having made three Poffin's, "Let's taste them~!".

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