Nightwing| Nightmare Come To Life.

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So this is part two the the Nightwing Nightmare shot. Most of these are going longer than I thought they would but hey, I'm perfectly fine with that.


Your P.O.V.

Richard Grayson was never one to break down. He always kept his composure, never let anything get to him. 

Until the day his brother came back from the dead.


The Red Hood's identity had finally been released to the team, and he was high on our priority list and while Dick tried to keep a straight face while giving out orders you knew just how much this was killing him.

"Bringing him in is top priority, so get in to groups and go find him." He states before the room empty's leaving only the three batkids and you.

"We'll take Gotham." He mutters lowly. I meet eyes with Tim briefly before heading to get changed. Tim had never met the former Robin, but you remembered the young red head quite a bit. He was mischievous, pulled pranks constantly but was a sweet kid until the Joker intervened. 

You stood on top of a random building, Tim next to you as you both looked around keeping an eye out for the infamous Red Hood.

"See anything?" Dick's voice asks through the com as you sigh.

"Nothing yet." You state before a noise causes you to turn around. You spin around and frown when you don't see anything. You ignore it and turn around bumping straight in to someone's chest.

"Y/N, what a pleasure." You eyes widen as you step back. Jason cocks his head to the side, before his hand shoots out, gripping the shirt of your uniform and pulling you closer to him.

"Jay." You mutter lowly as he chuckles.

"Nothing personal Y/N, I just need you as bait." He states before a sharp pain causes your world to go black.

You woke up with your hands tied up, and with a quick glance around you realized how high up off the ground you were.

"Holy." You mutter.

"Babe, just hold on!" You hear your boyfriend shout causing someone to laugh. You turn to watch them as Jason removes his helmet. Gone was his red hair, replaced with black locks, a chunk of white hair up front probably an effect of the Lazarus pit. He was taller now, had a bit more muscle to him and long gone was his mischievous smirk replaced instead with a scowl.

"Uh uh, you get to pick Dickibird, your girl or my replacement." Jason states as your eyes widen before you turn to the side finding Tim also tied up, looking rather annoyed.

"Let them go Jason!" Dick snaps as his eyes shot towards us.

"Like you let the Joker go? I rather not." He mutters as you pull on your restrains desperately trying to get free.


"No, he killed me, beat me to death with a crowbar! And what did you and old Brucie do? Locked him up, threw him in a cell while I was buried underground!" Jason shouts as you flinch, you can see the pain in Dick's eyes. Jason was slowly breaking him apart.

"Dick, ignore him!" You shout his way, his blue eyes snap towards you before shooting to Tim.

"Let them go!" He snaps at Jason who shakes his head before smirking.

"If you insist." He mutters before you were falling.


Dick's P.O.V.

I move forward, ready to follow after them when a hand pulls me back.

"You couldn't pick, so they'll both pay."  Jason states as I push him away and start to move before he tackles me to the floor.

"They'll both die." Jason snaps as I elbow him and rush to the edge of the building. Y/N was holding on to Tim's hand as he held on to a ledge. I hurry over, quickly grabbing a hold of Y/N and pulling her up while Tim pulls himself up.

"Shame, didn't think they'd somehow hold on." Jason says from behind us. I turn towards him as he shrugs.

"Guess I'll choose." He states as he holds up his gun. He points it at Tim and pulls the trigger.

"No!" Y/N shouts as he jumps infront of my younger brother, gasping softly as the bullet hits her stomach.

"Y/N!" I call as I catch her seconds before she hits the floor.

"No!" I mutter as my hands drop to her stomach, pressing on the wound tightly as Tim quickly says something in to his com. I look up an he was gone, leaving us alone as he big E/C eyes look towards me. She smiles slightly.

"You wouldn't be able to lose another brother Dick." She chokes as I shake my head and press on her stomach.

"No, damn it Y/N you just had to try and save the world." I mutter lowly as she laughs.

"No, just you Dick. Just trying to save you." She whispers as her eyes close.

"Y/N, Y/N, babe wake up." I mutter as I shake her softly, not wanting my nightmare to come to life.



Here it is part 2 of the Nightmare one shot, which isn't really a one shot anymore. Next is part 3 of the Tim Secret one and then it's a request I got DMed.

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