Artemis| A Poisoned Rose

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So this is a request, in the fic you're Poison Ivy's daughter Camellia. And like Poison Ivy, you can manipulate plants but you can also hear voices from plants due to an experiment gone wrong.

Anywho enjoy.


Camellia's P.O.V.

"What? She can't join the team she's a criminal!" I flinch at the sound of those words and keep my eyes down, not wanting to look any of the team in the face.

"She's joining the team and that's final." Nightwing orders.

"No way." 

"Do you know who her mom is?"

"She can kill us!" 

"Enough!" Nightwing shouts causing the room to go silent.

"If I hear anything like that again, you will be suspended from any missions for a week. Now if anyone would like to show Camellia to her room, that'd be great." Nightwing orders before walking away, a stern look on his face. Batgirl follows after him soon after and the room is once again silence.

"Alright, come on Cami." A voice states. I look up in shock as the blonde haired girl heads my way. She motions for me to follow and I quickly head after her, trying to get away from the awkward silence.

"Don't worry, they'll warm up to you." The girl states, I swallow dryly and look up.

"You think so?" I ask lowly. She nods and smiles.

"My mom was Huntress, my dad is Sportsmaster, sister is Chesire, at first they didn't like the idea but they got used to it." She states.

"So you must be Artemis." I mutter. She nods as we stop in front of a door.

"This is your room, if you need anything I'm a few doors down."  Artemis states before walking away. I watch her as she leaves before slipping in to my room.

It took months for the team to warm up to me. And throughout that time Artemis and I had gotten really close.

"Mission briefing in five." Batgirl states as she walks by already in uniform. Artemis and I stand up and follow after her where we find Nightwing. The team was slowly trickling in to the area as Nightwing clears his throat.

"Pamela Isley, better known Poision Ivy, she was just spotted outside Gotham city in a plant that used to handle radioactive chemicals. Given her ability and her record we can only assume she's up to no good." Nightwing states.

"Well that's a shock."  Someone mumbles lowly as I swallow dryly.

"Shut it." Artemis growls from besides me before smiling at Nightwing.


"Team Alpha will be Batgirl, Artemis, Jaime, Bart, Rose and myself. Everyone else will be on a recon mission with Batman." He continues.

"You want to send her daughter to go try and fight her? She can betray us!" La'gahn yells.

"She won't." Batgirl states calmly.

"How do you know?" He asks as he glances my way.

"Because we trust her, and so should you." Nightwing mutters.

"We leave in five." He states before walking away. I rush off to get dressed. My uniform was fairly simple, black shorts with a pink tank and pink combat boots. Twenty minutes later we were dropped off a few feet away from the old chemical plant. Green vines laid everywhere, going up the old building and moving around the floor.

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